5 Hair care tips for seniors

5 Hair care tips for seniors

When it comes to hair health, you first need to note that age plays a key role. As an individual ages, your hair starts showing a negative impact. 

Therefore, it is necessary for every human being to take care of their hair. Yet, several individuals believe that hair grows back quickly even when you cut it off, and this would not be true because once your follicles are damaged, they will not be able to produce new cells to repair until they are regrown. 

The signs of age-related damage on the scalp include dandruff and split ends, which ruin the strands’ appearance, strength, and health. Taking proper care of your hair helps everyone reach their best look by keeping them healthy for more extended periods.

Hair wash

It is highly recommended that you use hair conditioner and shampoo free of any chemicals that harm our hair. We also recommend avoiding getting your hair wet in hot water, which can dry out your hair and even cause it to become brittle over time.

Nutritious diet all the way

A healthy diet is a key to healthy hair, skin, and body. A balanced diet consists of various foods from meat, fruits, vegetables, and other products that give a nutritional boost to your body. 

All these nutrients help reduce weight by maintaining good health and preventing illnesses. Consumption of such foods regularly will make your hair look shiny, silky, and smooth. 

Avoid chemical treatments

Chemical treatments for hair can be damaging and harmful. They are expensive and should not be used as they can cause problems to your hair, scalp, and skin. They may cost you a few dollars, but you will pay for them long-term!

These chemicals steal moisture from your hair, which is essential for retaining the shine of your hair. 

Well-graded moisture is essential as it contributes to maintaining the health of your hair. Otherwise, it will become dry and brittle. This can lead to excessive breakage, split ends, damage, and dandruff, eventually leading to patchy alopecia (hair loss). 

Instead of using harsh chemicals, look for plant-based moisturizers like Kintsugi Moisture Bond Conditioning Spray. These will leave your hair silky soft without causing future damage.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Healthy hair can make you feel confident and beautiful and boost your confidence. However, if you consume alcohol or smoke, it will affect the quality of your hair. Therefore, to protect yourself from any current or future damage, one must quit drinking and smoking as soon as possible to protect their health adequately.

Increase physical activity

  To maintain healthy hair, changing your sedentary lifestyle and adopting a physical regimen in your daily routine are crucial.  Being physically active helps in developing a better figure by increasing muscle tone. Moreover, some exercises can decrease stress levels and help you manage anxiety or depression, which is one of the primary triggers for unhealthy hair.

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