5 Glass Door Maintenance Tips To Keep In Mind

Glass doors are amazing, but they need to be taken care of as well. Here are a few glass door maintenance tips to keep in mind.

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You’ve invested in installing a custom glass door. You might feel like the only thing you need to do to keep it looking good is close it. While that’s a prudent course of action, there’s much more you can do to keep it in tip-top shape.

Read below as we go over simple glass door maintenance tips you should incorporate into your daily routine to keep it pristine. 

1. Keep Your Door Clean

When it comes to glass door maintenance, make sure to regularly wipe down your door with a soft, dry cloth to remove any accumulated dirt or dust. Additionally, if there are any smudges or fingerprints on your door, clean them off with a mild glass cleaner.

If your glass door has scratches, you can try to buff them with a glass polishing kit. Following these simple tips, you can keep your glass door looking new for years. If you need a door glass replacement, be sure to call the best professionals that can help you. 

2. Do an Annual Check-up

One of the most critical aspects of glass door maintenance is to do an annual check-up. This will ensure that your doors are in good working condition and that any potential problems are caught early. 

Make sure the door is balanced correctly. Adjust the hinges if necessary. Lubricate the hinges and door handle to ensure smooth operation. You can avoid costly repairs or replacements by doing a yearly check-up. 

3. Inspect for Damages

Inspecting your glass doors regularly for any damages that may have occurred is essential. If you find any cracks or chips, it’s necessary to repair or replace them as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

In addition, you should also make sure to clean your glass doors regularly to prevent any dirt or grime from building up and causing damage.

4. Check for Air Leaks

It is essential to check for air leaks around your glass door to keep your home energy efficient. If you have a storm door, ensure it is properly sealed and the sweep is in good condition.

Check the seal around the glass panes. If there are any gaps, they can be sealed with silicone caulk. By following these tips, you can help to keep your home energy efficient and save money on your energy bills.

5. Replace Worn Out Weather-Stripping

If you have glass doors in your home, it’s essential to keep up with their maintenance. One thing you should keep in mind is replacing worn-out weatherstripping. This is important because weatherstripping helps to keep out drafts, dust, and pests.

You need to measure the door and cut the new weatherstripping to size. Then, you peel off the old weatherstripping and stick on the latest. It’s easy to do yourself and only takes a few minutes.

Glass Door Maintenance Is a Must

By keeping up with the maintenance of your glass door, you can ensure that it will last many years. You should always keep these glass door maintenance tips in mind to prevent any severe damage from occurring. If you ever notice any damage, make sure to call a professional immediately to get it fixed.

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