5 Beautiful DIY Holiday Coffee Table Centerpiece Ideas

DIY Holiday Coffee Table Centerpiece

When it comes to the holidays, there’s often a lot on our minds: trimming the tree, last-minute gifts, and the extensive dinner menu we have to prepare.

But at the end of the day, the holidays aren’t about those things at all. Instead, our favorite holiday memories happen while we’re relaxing with friends and family, taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

Have you set up an inviting scene for this to happen?

If you want to create the perfect gathering space to draw in the people you love, you’ll need the right coffee table centerpiece ideas. Bring out the fun and magic of the season with these tips:

Create a Red-Hot Holiday Setting

There are few things more festive than peppermints and red noses, so consider bringing that splash of color to your coffee table decor!

Add a festive red table runner as a base for your DIY creation. Next, set the scene with traditional red items of the season: cinnamon candy, peppermint sticks, and even inexpensive grocery-store carnations.

Extra touches like holly berries, ribbons, or red ornaments can also add some extra bold color, though you can always offset the rosy hue with whites or golds if you prefer.

Show Off Your Kitchen Creations

If you’re planning to spend hours crafting the perfect holiday sweets, why not make them part of your DIY holiday decorations? An added plus—if you have a full house—is that you’ll find these eye-catching snacks disappearing in no time at all.

Show off your favorite batches of frosted sugar cookies by setting them onto a bowl as part of your centerpiece. Alternatively, you may even want to create a display meant to be seen!

Try creating a holiday cookie tree as an edible display, or keep it classic with a traditional gingerbread house and scene. Don’t forget the old-fashioned yule log, a simple swiss roll cake that you can decorate for a rustic (but delicious) centerpiece.

Display a Glass Cloche Collection

If you have an eye for detail (and plenty of time to spend on your DIY holiday decor), make your own tiny winter wonderland inside a glass cloche. This mid-winter scene can be as varied as you like, allowing you to create something inspired by your home or family if you choose, but the setup is simple.

You’ll need a glass cloche, of course, as well as simple tools to craft your setting. Skills with wood or paper-cutting will come in handy here, but you can also create elegant holiday scenes from store-bought items as well.

Top your scene off with fake snow and a set of battery-operated light strings for a coffee table decor idea your guests will talk about for ages.

Get Inspired by Wellness and Meditation

The holiday season brings a great deal of joy—as well as a great deal of stress. Take inspiration from the world of wellness by creating a soothing coffee table centerpiece to bring you a little extra peace of mind.

For this to work, you’ll want to get your hands on some of the items known to give us a psychological pick-me-up. One of them is easy: seasonal greenery!

Studies show, time and time again, that houseplants can work wonders on our stress levels. Add a miniature evergreen fir to one end of the coffee table, or opt for a container of Christmas peppermint if the area gets enough sun. For smaller tables, put miniature succulents in bright red and green pots, or add fir branches for an inviting holiday look.

Next, create a soothing aroma profile with bowls of store-bought potpourri, or make your own blend! You may also want to set out some aromatic candles as well. Alternatively, you may want to consider crafting your own floating candles for a meditative but seasonal look.

Don’t forget to opt for function as well. Just as you’d keep your home’s air clean with an Aprilaire filter, it’s important to consider the air within the room, especially if you have a house full of guests or pets. Set up a mini air purifier nearby to breathe a little easier in the holiday chaos.

Catch the Eye With a Rustic Crate

Grouping complementary items in a rustic crate or tray can help create a focal point for your coffee table scene. Depending on how deep the crate is, you may need to fill it with newspaper or packing peanuts to add some extra height for your decor.

For a rustic look, natural scenery can work wonders. Opt for seasonal greenery—real or fake—as well as pine cones, birch branches, or berries.

If you choose, add a living (but small) tree to decorate with whimsical miniature ornaments, or attention-grabbing decorative trees or reindeer made of natural materials to continue the woodland motif. A sprinkling of fake snow, or even snow-white flower petals, can top off the scene.

Choose Your Coffee Table Centerpiece Ideas

Creating the perfect holiday decor doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, all you’ll need are these simple coffee table centerpiece ideas—plus a little time and effort! With the right setting, you’ll find the conversation flowing and the company joyful throughout the holiday season.

Want more tips to bring out the best of your hearth and home, this holiday season and beyond? Check out our other posts for more inspiration.

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