5 Playtime Activities You Can Do With Your Daughter

5 Playtime Activities You Can Do With Your Daughter

Did you know that parents spend about two hours a day with children aged 6 and under, but only half of that time with children aged 6 to 12?

As a mother, spending time with your children is a vital part of their growth and understanding of the world around them. But how do you make sure the time you spend together is fun, valuable, and helps to create a strong bond?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered, with these 5 great playtime activities that will keep you and your daughter entertained and enhance your bond.

1. Read a Book

When it comes to play activities, most people don’t consider reading to be playful, but it can be. Reading to your daughter aloud can help enhance her creativity, knowledge, and vocabulary. Whether your daughter is 6 months old or 10 years old, reading can be a fun mother daughter bonding experience for both of you.

2. Create a New World

There are few better activities for children than allowing them to use their imagination and create a new world. This could be created using toys, such as building blocks, or by using crayons and encouraging your daughter to draw. You can also play along in whatever new world you encourage your daughter to create and follow her lead as she navigates you around it.

3. Go to the Beach

Children love fresh sea air, being able to run around, and play in the sand and sea. So, if the sun is shining and you live close enough to the beach, why not take a bucket and a spade and head to the beach? There are countless fun activities the two of you can do at the beach that will keep you both entertained and help to grow your bond.

Build a sandcastle or make a sand fort. Run around together, or take a ball and play with that. Or splash in the sea together.

4. Get Crafty

If it’s a dull and rainy day outside, there’s still plenty of activities for kids to do inside. Get out some paints or crafts and start creating with your daughter. Children love to express their creativity and learn how to do new things, so show her how to make a beautiful picture or how to knit.

5. Go to the Playground

Children of all ages love going to the playground. There’s no stronger bonding experience than playing together and a daughter will always lovingly remember her mother pushing her on the swings. 

Bonding with your daughter can help her develop and also it can help you overcome any problems you have, for example, alcohol or drug abuse. At casaserena.org, recovering women can spend time and bond with their children in a safe and supportive atmosphere, which comes complete with a large play area. This allows you to recover and for you to build a strong relationship with your children, through the art of play.

Make the Most of Your Playtime

No matter where you are or how old your child is, it’s important to dedicate time to playtime. Playing together can help both of you develop and will encourage an unbreakable bond.

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