4 Tips for the Mother of the Bride

4 Tips for the Mother of the Bride

As soon as you found out that your daughter is getting married, you will have been so excited and, no doubt, from the very first moment, entirely embroiled in wedding planning, together with your daughter.

However, at some point, you need to turn your attention to your exceedingly important role in the day; that of the mother of the bride, and with this in mind, continue reading for five tips written just for you.

1.    Avoid Any Diva Behaviour

It may be the case that you would never even consider throwing any diva shade anywhere near your daughter and her soon-to-be spouse, especially on the wedding day itself.

However, emotions and tensions naturally run high during such times, and so, if you do feel overcome with emotion, hold it together and show your love and happiness privately to your daughter, rather than surrounded by all the wedding guests.

2.    Resist the Urge to Host

Although it is entirely understandable if you feel as if you have to ‘host’ when it comes to the wedding guests and when the evening guests arrive, this is not your role here.

Rather, it is your chance to enjoy the day and night and join your daughter and her new spouse in celebrating their union. Be proud of the woman you have reared and resist the urge to grab a bin bag and start cleaning up. This is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

3.    Start Searching for the Perfect Outfit Early

Even if your daughter’s wedding is not until next year, or even further away, it is still advisable to start your search for that perfect mother-of-the-bride outfit as soon as you can. The last thing you want to do is to be struggling to find something and it is much better, as always, to be as prepared as possible.

The internet is the perfect place to browse a never-ending range of different outfits, from mother of the bride plus size dresses to smart two-piece skirts and blazers for the more practical mum.

Top tips for planning your mother-of-the-bride outfit include the following:

  • Talk it over with your daughter before you make the purchase.
  • Avoid distracting shawls and boleros.
  • Shapewear can make an ill-fitting dress into a perfect one.
  • Pastels are not the only option.

4.    Let Her Design the Guest List

Even though it may go against every bone in your body, you must remember that is up to your daughter and her fiancé who they invite to their wedding and you must try not to overload the guest list with people you insist you want to be there.

In this case, try to pick your battles and if you do feel as if there are people who are not invited to the wedding who should be, calmly suggest just a couple, rather than demanding a rewrite. Additionally, the seating arrangements and table plans are also solely under the jurisdiction of your daughter and her partner too.

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