4 Surprising Facts About the Cannabis Plant

There are several key things you need to know about the cannabis plant. Learn more by checking out these four awesome facts.

Did you know that more than 48 million people in the United States of America have used cannabis at least once since 2019? The cannabis plant has a ton of great benefits and humans have used it for a number of purposes over the course of the past millennia. There are tons of different marijuana strains that provide different benefits depending on the treatments that you’re seeking.

Cannabis consumption has been documented going back 2,500 years in ancient China, and people are still enjoying the benefits of cannabis today. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the marijuana plant then today is your lucky day.

You’ve found the right article to learn four fun facts about cannabis. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

1. Cannabis is 2,500 Years Old

Chinese farmers were the first documented humans to cultivate and use the cannabis plant in human history. The origins of the cannabis plant go back to the Pamir Mountains in China. The main purpose of the cannabis plant for the ancient Chinese was to use it as oil and fiber for the production of clothing and paper.

The Chinese were also known to boil cannabis flowers in order to create herbal tea. The Greeks were also known to smoke hemp and enjoy the feelings of euphoria that were produced. You can enjoy your own euphoria at The River Provisioning.

2. The Female Cannabis Plant Gets You High

Another fun fact about cannabis is the fact that only the female cannabis plant creates the feeling of being high. Male cannabis plants produce small levels of THC, while female plants produce THC in much higher volumes. Marijuana farmers make a concerted effort to get rid of the male plants in a growing area.

3. Bob Marley Was Buried With Herb

The iconic Jamaican singer/songwriter didn’t want to go to his grave without some potent flower with him for the journey. He got buried with his bible, his guitar, and some good herb. The cannabis plant played a big role in his growth as an artist and helped the marijuana plant reach mainstream society.

4. George Washington Grew the Cannabis Plant

One of the most important Founding Fathers in the United States was a grower of cannabis plants at his home. He was well-known for growing hemp and he made plenty of references to the hemp plant in his letters and diaries over the years. There is no evidence that Washington enjoyed cannabis consumption, but he definitely enjoyed growing hemp for creating ropes for ships.

Now You Know More Facts About Cannabis

The cannabis plant has a long and storied history that stretches from the mountains of China across the ocean to the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Cannabis consumption goes back to the ancient Greeks and it continues today with a number of great marijuana strains. You can only enjoy the benefits of cannabis if you can find female marijuana plants.

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