4 Helpful Tips for Renovating a Kitchen

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, there are a couple things you should know. These four simple tips will help get you started.

Are you planning on renovating a kitchen? If so, it can be an exciting and daunting process.

Remodeling your kitchen allows you to get the space you want and can provide an ROI of up to 80% (depending on what changes you make).

To ensure your kitchen renovation goes smoothly, use the tips found here.

1. Focus on Function First

Consider efficiency and how you use your kitchen. When it comes to making changes, more isn’t always more.

You want to ensure that the distance between your countertop and the island isn’t too much. This will reduce efficiency.

While you want the kitchen to feel airy, inviting, and open, do you really want to walk 15 feet or more from your refrigerator to your stove?

To ensure you get the right setup, create a work triangle. There are three parts of the kitchen you visit when cooking and preparing food – the sink, refrigerator, and stove. Set up your kitchen, so they are in a triangle and equal distance from one another.

2. Choose the Sink and Appliances Early

The appliances you have in your kitchen have a huge impact on the layout. When creating a plan, don’t just measure the width of the items; look at the depth and leave plenty of circulation around any door openings.

Make sure you invest in plenty of ventilation, too.

Be sure to shop for your sink when you choose appliances. This will ensure you can order countertops from providers like Forever Joint Tops that perfectly fit with the appliances you have purchased.

3. Update the Lighting

Lighting is another important consideration when renovating a kitchen. While many people choose recessed lighting, surface-mount fixtures are also a smart choice.

These are attached to the ceiling on a grid. The bulb is found below the ceiling, so you have more even light, and it isn’t as “surgical” as recessed lighting. It also looks nice.

You can also hang a larger light fixture over your island, which is another functional and decorative way to light up the space.

4. The Flooring

When it comes to durability, stone flooring is the best. However, if you cook often, it will be more comfortable standing on cork or wood.

Another option is Italian porcelain tiles, which are indestructible and what is used in train stations. These are inexpensive and have minimal seams so that food won’t get trapped in them.

What to Do When Renovating a Kitchen

If you are planning on renovating a kitchen, be sure to keep the tips above in mind. You can feel confident that the renovations will be successful and provide you with a functional, quality kitchen space when you do this.

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