4 Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

4 Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts tend to appear in conversations about the elderly. However, it is helpful for both young and old as long as the person has mobility issues. Some may think this gadget is expensive and unnecessary; however, it offers several benefits for the user, and this guide will highlight them.

1. Easy accessibility

Wheelchair lifts are designed to move immobile persons easily up and down a staircase. This addresses a significant problem that older people and those with mobile disabilities have. 

These chair lifts come in varying designs that fit the needs of the elderly and infirm, such as vertical platform Wheelchair lifts. The design of this chair makes it suitable for those who use a wheelchair, as their chairs can easily rest on the platforms.

Elderly people, as well as disabled individuals, can benefit from handling certain chores by themselves. It gives them some independence in the comfort of their homes. This way, they can continue to live in their homes and not relocate to a nursing facility.

2. Ease of use

Stair lifts are easy to use and operate. This is why stair lifts are ideal for immobile persons as it takes little to no effort to use the lift. They come with a control toggle switch located on the armrest. Some designs have a remote control switch. This enables you to call the chair from the top or bottom of the stairs.

You also do not have to worry about constantly charging the stairlifts, as they charge themselves in the park position. Others come with long-lasting batteries, enabling them to work even when there is a power outage. In case of an emergency, it will be very useful.

3. They’re durable and cost-effective

An estimate shows that wheelchair lifts cost slightly more than two thousand dollars to about eight thousand dollars. However, the length and type of your stairway would also determine the total fee.

Moreover, wheelchair lifts are long lasting, making the fee you would be pay to buy and install almost once as these machines can stay up to ten years or more. There are several wheelchair lift distributor in Laval and other places around the world that deal in both used and new chair lifts that offer cost-friendly prices.

4. Safety

A study suggests that 5 out of every ten wheelchair users are prone to suffer a wheelchair accident. This makes getting up and down the stairs just as important as getting there safely.

A wheelchair lift minimizes or eliminates the risk of a person suffering a fall off the stairs. With the safety features, most of these wheelchair lifts have such as seatbelts, inclined platforms, and an emergency stop button. Maximum protection is provided.In conclusion, stair lifts are customized to fit your home needs as they consider the type of stairs and other things like the length and width. This way, they can tailor the stair lifts to meet specifications. Furthermore, the entire process of installing a stair lift hardly takes up a day. If you live in Laval, you can find distributors nearby.

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