3 Signs You Need a Dental Implant Repair

Are you tired of dealing with problems with your dental implants? Click here for three telltale signs that you need a dental implant repair.

Are you experiencing toothache pains and discomfort? Do you look in the mirror and notice the tooth decaying? If that’s the case, you may require dental implant repair.

Yet, it’s not just toothaches that indicate a need for a dentist’s attention. Here’s everything you need to know about dental implant repair.

1. Severe Pain and Discomfort

Severe pain and discomfort can be a sign that you need a dental implant repair. If you experience pain that doesn’t go away, it could be a sign that you are experiencing dental implant problems. Additionally, if you feel any recurrent or persistent pain or tenderness in the area of your implant, this is a definite sign that you should seek a dental implant repair.

All of these can be signs that something is not right with your dental implant and requires immediate attention from a professional. With the right oral care, you can get your dental implant repaired and avoid further issues.

2. Gum Recession Around the Implant

Gum recession around dental implant repairs can be one of the most noticeable and alarming signs that patients may see that indicate something is wrong.

Gum recession can happen even with an otherwise healthy implant and if the recession is severe enough, the gum tissue can start to recede away from the implant.

This recession takes away the natural protection that gum tissue provides and can expose the root of the tooth or the implant, leaving it vulnerable to decay and infection.

When this happens, patients should be seen by an experienced implant dentist to assess the situation and determine the best treatment. 

3. Difficulty in Chewing and Biting

Signs that you may need a dental implant repair due to difficulty in chewing and biting are frequent mouth or jaw pain, clicking noise when closing or opening the mouth, an inability to bite and chew food properly, difficulty keeping the denture in place when biting and chewing, and persistent bad taste or bad breath.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a dentist who specializes in dental implants as soon as possible. The dentist will be able to assess the implant restoration or underlying dental work, to determine the best treatment option.

If a dental implant repair is needed, it is often necessary to have the implant redone, replace the abutment, or clean and replace the crown or restoration. A dental implant repair is vital for preserving dental health, therefore, it is important to take action quickly and get the repair done as soon as possible.

Guide to Dental Implant Repair

If you suspect you need a dental implant repair, visit your dentist immediately. Regular check-ups and preventive care are essential for maintaining optimal dental health. As soon as you recognize any signs of a dental implant repair, speak to your dentist and get the treatment you need. Reach out to your dentist today for more information about dental implants and preventive care!

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