3 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Perfect for the Summertime

3 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Perfect for the Summertime

In recent years, there has been a noticeable squeeze on many households’ finances. The emerging cost of living crisis and high levels of inflation have made it more challenging for families and budgets have been stretched to a noticeable level. This summer, many families will consider having a “staycation” instead of jetting off to a foreign destination, to save money. With the summer weather forecast looking to be hot in many Western countries, staycations can be a cost-effective pleasure. They can also free up family funds to invest in meaningful home improvements that both add value and practicality to your home. In this article, three distinct home improvement ideas will be explored that are ideal projects for the summer months and will add value to your home.

Outdoor Seating/Dining Area

Relaxing outdoors in your garden area is a true pleasure in summertime. The warmer, brighter weather and longer daylight hours can make sunbathing or enjoying a favourite author’s latest novel a truly sublime experience. Eating outdoors in a dedicated dining area can also be a great way to spend the summer season for you and your family. Consider creating a dedicated outdoor seating or dining area in your garden. This type of DIY project is remarkably easy to achieve and simply requires a raised seating area or patio along with some tasteful all-weather furniture. See here for some inspiring ideas for outdoor seating and dining areas. Another great addition to this space is to consider retractable awnings for patio and decks. This type of structure will allow you to enjoy the shade on scorching summer afternoons, whilst also providing UV protection and a refuge from any summer downpours, should the weather change for the worse.

Garage Gym Conversion

It is estimated that the average monthly cost of a gym membership is around $37. Over a year, this can be a significant cost, especially if more than one family member attends a gym. Travelling to a local gym can be time-consuming and in the summer months, and it is not pleasurable to be stuck in traffic as you travel back and forth. Creating a home gym can be an excellent way to save money over the longer term and add value to your home. Garage gym conversions can be completed on relatively modest budgets. Simply clear out your garage, and add in some essential gym equipment and exercise mats before upgrading the lighting in this space. As a final option, you can install a voice-operated Bluetooth speaker to stream your favourite motivational music as you exercise.

Landscape Your Green Spaces

As a brief final point, landscaping your garden areas can be incredibly enjoyable and satisfying to undertake in the summer months. A well-kept garden improves the look of the whole property and can also increase its kerb appeal of it if you are planning to sell your home soon. Use high-quality multi-purpose lawn feed to achieve lush lawns that are free of weeds and moss. Consider creating a unique pathway that twists and turns around focal points in your garden to add interest to the overall space. Finally, add a variety of hardy perennial plants to give a burst of colour across all seasons.

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