3 Garage Door Styles to Give Your Home a Classic Aesthetic

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First impressions are incredibly important, for people and houses. You could have the nicest interior design in the world, but people might not even give it a chance if the exterior of your house isn’t aesthetically coherent. 

If you’re looking for a classic aesthetic, you want a warm, cohesive vision. But how can you go classic in a world that’s so rapidly moving forward? 

One of the most prominent parts of your house’s exterior is your garage door. This article will walk you through all you need to know about garage door styles for a classic feel. 

1. Traditional 

If your definition of “classic” is no-frills, non-modern and non-rustic, traditional garage door designs are the best fit for you. 

Traditional garage doors are a style that we’re all familiar with. Typical of suburbia, they feature symmetrical panels, multi-panel windows, tasteful shutters, and a general emphasis on restraint. 

Typical garage door colors for the traditional style are white and brown. 

If you’re looking for a non-intimidating, middle-of-the-road, familiar option, the traditional is perfect for you. 

2. Ranch 

If your definition of “classic” is more romantic — old world, rustic, similar to the Danish concept of hygge — a ranch-style door is perfect for you. Ranch-style garage doors are modest but bold, subtle, but stand out. 

A “planks” door is a common choice for someone going with a ranch-style garage door. Planks are wooden doors that are reminiscent of wooden floor patterns.

If you’re a fan of a wooded, cozy aesthetic there are many garage door ideas within the ranch aesthetic that can suit you well. Obviously, browns are the key color here. 

3. Farmhouse 

If your definition of “classic” means old-school, but you don’t buy the updated retro quality of the ranch aesthetic, the farmhouse could be for you. A farmhouse represents embracing tradition, rather than the romanticized look around it. If you grew up on a farm, and find yourself wanting to give your house that feel, this is the option for you. 

This style of door is available in many colors, from white to black. Raised panel is one of the most popular options for this style of garage door, but some people even get doors that open up outward, reminiscent of barn doors. 

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Find the Best Garage Door Styles 

While interior design is extremely important, the exterior of a house cannot be ignored. A strong exterior on your house means creating a strong first impression and committing to your aesthetic for your home. 

Once you’ve considered the traditional, ranch, and farmhouse garage door styles, you’re well on your way to create the classic house of your dreams.

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