3 Expert-Approved Drain Repair Tips You Should Try

Draining issues need immediate attention. Is your drain unfunctional? Then read on to discover the best drain repair tips here.

Whether you’ve got a slow-to-drain bathtub or a plugged-up kitchen sink, clogged drain repair can be a drag. Even the World Health Organization warns that backed-up water can be dangerous to your health

If you’ve got a clogged pipe, it’s best not to put off your drain pipe repair. Surprisingly, you can do a lot of drain repair yourself. But how can you make sure you don’t make the problem worse?

Keep reading to find out. We’ll give you our top three expert-approved tips so you can get your drain flowing again.

1. The Baking Soda Secret

Remember making a volcano in grade school science class? Well, it’s time to get out your baking soda and vinegar again. Instead of an expensive (and toxic) commercial drain cleaner, use this natural chemical reaction to clean your drain.

First, pour up to one cup of baking soda down the drain. Then, pour in one cup of white kitchen vinegar. Wait a few minutes, then follow with a few cups of boiling water.

The bubbling action of baking soda and vinegar breaks down minor drain blockages. It may not fix every drain repair problem, but since it’s a cheap and accessible solution, why not try it first?

2. Try a Plunger

We all know that plungers destroy toilet clogs. But did you know that they can be just as effective at shower drain repairs and more?

Using a plunger can dislodge solid blockages and let them flow down the drain. Put the plunger over the shower or sink drain opening and pump it several times.

You may be able to feel the blockage let go. If you can’t feel a change, run some water into the drain. If the water drains more quickly, you’ve successfully unclogged your drain!

If these simple tips aren’t working, your drain blockage may need more advanced help. Don’t be afraid to get professional drain repair assistance. It might keep you from accidentally doing damage to your shower or sink. 

3. Block Your Overflow Vents

Wondering why your drain repair efforts aren’t working? Check the overflow vent. It may be allowing water to escape, preventing you from plunging your drain effectively. 

Before you start your sink drain repair, block the overflow vent. Find an old towel or rag and stuff it into the opening. This will block water from pouring back into the sink.

Now that the overflow vent is blocked, there is nowhere for the water to go when you push the plunger. This lets you push against the blockage with more force, so you can clear it away. 

Get Started With Drain Repair Now

If you’ve got a drain problem, you don’t have to start by googling “drain repair near me.” You can take care of simple drain problems without damaging your system!

With these tips, you’ll be ready to do essential drain repair on your own. Now get out there and get fixing!

Or, keep reading our blog. You’ll find even more handyman tips and lifestyle advice to inspire you. 

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