10 Skylight Design Ideas To Bring In Natural Light

A skylight is a great way to let natural light into your home. Which skylight design would look best? Learn in this guide.

Are you in the process of designing a new home? If so, you certainly have plenty of work ahead of you.

After all, there’s nothing quick or easy about the process of designing and building a custom home. There are thousands of decisions to make and a million details to keep track of. But it can also be an extremely exciting experience. 

When it comes to custom roof designs, you have plenty of options to choose from. In fact, the sky’s the limit. The key is to select the skylight design features that will offer the most personality for your home.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help. This article takes a look at custom roof options that will make your new house the envy of the neighborhood. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

1. A Modern Skylight

Let’s start with a design known as a modern skylight. This is typically a floor-to-ceiling window combined with steel and glass doors that is both truly modern and minimalist. It’s an ideal look for anyone wanting to approach interior design by incorporating your outdoor landscaping.

Modern skylights are especially perfect for homes that make the most of clean lights and natural lights, enabling you to keep the focus on the entire living environment of your property.

2. A Fixed Skylight

What is a fixed skylight? This is actually the meeting point in a vaulted ceiling where the two sides of the ceiling join together to form a single point of focus. The skylight is placed in a way that maintains the perfect symmetry of your ceiling design.

The key to successfully incorporating a fixed skylight into your interior design is to use it to accentuate the height of your ceiling while also bringing down the scale. Great additional touches for a fixed skylight could include a chandelier to bring together other aspects of your room design. After all, the natural light from the skylight will add life and dimension to the glass and metal of the light fixture you install.

3. A Curb-Mounted Skylight

Have you been wondering where do skylights go? The answer is, almost anywhere in the house. That’s one of the benefits of opting for a curb-mounted skylight. This is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to incorporate as much natural light as possible into your home office space.

The key is to install the skylight directly over your desk so that you’ll enjoy plenty of light during the day, along with the inspiring view of moonlight and stars as you work at night.

A curb-mounted flat skylight offers both interior illumination and natural air ventilation. This is a great energy-efficient option that’s aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic.

4. A Frosted Glass Skylight

Here is a skylight that will help take the interior of any room in your house to the next level. That’s because it’s impossible to deny the clean and classy look for frosted glass skylights.

It’s important to be aware that frosted glass won’t flood your living space with light, but it does provide a nice warm glow that is ideal for adding a touch of natural light while maximizing privacy.

This is also a great way to extend the structure of your roof while increasing your natural light source, thus reducing the need for electrical light fixtures in those areas.

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5. Pitched Skylights

Installing pitched skylights is the perfect way to maximize natural light for your interior. It’s especially great for rooms with a specific purpose, such as mudrooms, gardening spaces, or enclosed patio spaces at the rear of your home.

This type of skylight is made of a pyramid shape where the two angles meet at the middle, forming a bold and eye-catching design that allows for tremendous natural light.

Pitched skylights can also be customized to fit the overall design of your roof.

6. A Sloped Window Skylight

Next up is the sloped window skylight design. This type of skylight is typically incorporated into existing windows, enabling great access to outside light.

This design isn’t technically considered a skylight, although it does function in a similar way. And it truly is one of the best ways to maximize natural light in any room.

Slowed windows are ideal for small spaces such as a breakfast nook or a home office, where you’ll want to enjoy a view of your outdoor environment while remaining inside. 

7. A Double Skylight

Many people choose to add a double skylight in rooms such as the kitchen or a task room. This type of skylight provides great natural light for focusing on the task at hand, whether that happens to be food prep or a special project for work.

A double skylight brightens your space without being overwhelming or dominating your ceiling. This can also help maximize natural light while also maintaining the structural integrity of your roof.

8. A Sloped Skylight

Sloped skylights allow you to be incredibly creative with your overall interior design motif. In fact, this is the best way to enhance any room in the house by providing as much natural light as possible.

9. A Hallway Skylight

Not every skylight has to be a dominant focal point or be the primary source of light in the room. Hallway skylights enhance rather than dominate, providing an extra splash of light without getting in the way. 

10. Operable Skylight Windows

Here is a type of skylight that’s absolutely perfect for smaller spaces such as a bathroom or guest bedroom. An operable skylight window puts you in full control, enabling you to open the window for added ventilation. It’s also the perfect touch for adding a window in the shower so that you can enjoy both fresh air and natural light.

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Ultimate Skylight Design Options 

Designing and building a new home will be one of the most exciting yet stressful experiences you’ll ever undertake. Fortunately, these tips for choosing the best skylight design for your house will help create the living environment of your dreams.

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