10 Dope (and Legal) Gift Ideas for the Stoner in Your Life

Do you have friends who enjoy the health and other benefits of marijuana? Check out these gift ideas for stoners that will prove you're the dopest friend ever.

If you have a friend or family member who enjoys using marijuana, consider making that a focus of your next gift. Whether you go with a book or pipe, you can find something that relates to their interests. And you won’t have to blow your budget to do it, either. 

Read on to learn about 10 dope gift ideas for stoners!

1. New Pipes Make Cool Weed Gifts

The gold standard for weed gift ideas is a new pipe. Best of all, you won’t be short on shapes and colors. You can consider the gift recipient’s style and go with a funky shaped pipe or a classier modern option.

Some pipes mimic the look of fruits and other real objects. Or you could go with abstract shapes. And for the ultimate sign of class, you can invest in a handblown glass pipe.

2. Add Lip Balm to the List

Did you know that lip balm can make one of the best weed gifts? That’s right, you can get lip balm infused with hemp. When you’re throwing your next party, these make great favors.

You’ll get the moisturizing benefits of a traditional lip balm. Plus the gentle notes of CBD will help cut the inflammation. These sticks of lip balm make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who benefits from the calming effects of marijuana. 

3. Go with Classy Glass Bowls 

Glass bowls are where people who smoke stash their herbs or tobacco. As a result, it’s a showpiece that’s more than just a functional part of smoking weed. The glass bowl can be swapped out for something that looks pretty and enhances the experience.

And if you go with custom glass on glass bowls, you’ll get that extra level of personalization with your gift. From snakeheads to geometric shapes, there’s an option to suit every weed smoker in your life. Some of these pipes almost look like sculptures!

4. Give the Gift of Stash Storage

Where should you stash your stash? This is one of those questions that anyone who appreciates marijuana has to ask. While baggies can get lost, a secure storage jar won’t — and it can even be decorative.

A stash jar is one of those weed gifts that will stand the test of time. You can go with a modern and understated jar that fits in someone’s pantry. Or go with a more obvious signifier, like the marijuana leaf, imprinted on the surface of the jar so there are no questions about where to stash the stash!

5. Gift Ideas for Stoners Include Classy One-Hitters

Taking a hit has never looked as good as it does with a stylish one-hitter. These slender holders are the perfect choice for taking a hit when you’re on the go. And the stoner in your life can never have too many of them.

Even better, this gift won’t break your budget. You can get a trim pipe for around $20, but it will look like you’ve spent more. 

6. Accessory Kits Add Class to Any Occasion

For a sophisticated gift, get your friend or family member a leather accessory kit. This can include matches, vials, and a refined lighter. It also should include the paper and scissors necessary to roll the perfect joint. 

If you’re looking for an updated and more specific version of a dop kit, this is it! These make great wedding party gifts so your stoner friends are always ready to roll a joint.

7. Books About Weed Can Complement Any Living Space

Did your weed-smoking friend just move into a new space? Give them the perfect housewarming gift with a hardcover book about weed.

From the history of weed to its medicinal uses, a good book will cover it all. And not only will you be providing an educational resource, but you’ll also be giving your friend a handsome coffee table book. 

8. Go with an Infused Cream

From creams to ointments, everyone’s looking for ways to harness the power of aromatics these days. Lavender, rose, and citrus are among some of the most desired scents. Did you know they blend well with hemp?

When you’re looking for cool weed gifts that might be unexpected, there’s a cream for that. Moisturizing creams combining scents like rose with CBD can make great additions to someone’s self-care routine. They’ll be the ideal way to keep skin supple while taking in all that CBD offers.

9. Edible Delights Make Great Weed Gifts

Baking weed-laced brownies is a common way to get your high in an edible form. But it isn’t the only option. For a classier upgrade, consider going with CBD chocolate bars.

The classy packaging and divine chocolate flavors will elevate the eating experience. And, of course, this bar of chocolate will provide the edibles your favorite stoner craves!

10. Get Joints That Are Ready to Go

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to roll the perfect joint when you’re among friends. Convenience is king. So, as another one of the great gifts for weed smokers, you can try pre-rolled joints. 

As a bonus, this is a small gift that looks great. There’s something incredibly pleasing about a little cardboard container pre-stocked with the finest grass. Your friends and family will be smiling all night with this gift!

Find the Best Weed Gifts

When it comes to gift ideas for stoners, the options are endless. From snazzy pipes to accessory cases, you can find something that fits your budget. And you’ll help the stoner in your life get the most from their experience!

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