Why Pet Owners Need Their Ducts Cleaned More Often

If you own pets, chances are, you need your ducts cleaned right now. Find out why you should complete duct cleaning more often as a pet owner.

Nearly 40% of Americans own a dog, and 25% own a cat; it is important to be aware of what they could be doing to your air ducts.

Microscopic skin flakes and hairs are a major cause of allergic reactions in the home. Not cleaning the ducts in your HVAC system has been one of the main causes of an increase in breathing problems in the home.

If you have pets, read our short guide to how they may affect your air ducts and why pet owners especially should get their ducts cleaned regularly.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is made up of tiny flakes of skin shed by cats, dogs, and other household pets. It is a well-known allergen and can cause reactions such as sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

Cats produce almost twice as much dander as dogs. Many people are allergic to cats and falsely believe that it is the fur causing the issue. Actually, it is the pet dander.

Dander can easily build up in your air ducts unnoticed. It is microscopic, and until it has built up to a large visible amount, it can be difficult to identify. Dander travels easily in the air and is also carried by dust mites.

If you want to remove pet dander permanently and start improving air quality in your home, you need to schedule a duct cleaning. A professional company like bactronixsepa.com will be able to guide you through the process and make sure all pet dander allergens are safely removed.

Pet Scents

Pet smells can linger in your house for several days if they get into your air ducts. Regular duct cleaning can help remove these stubborn smells and freshen up your house.

Smells tend to linger on pet fur and hair, which can travel through the air and get stuck in your air ducts. When a wet dog shakes itself to dry off, it releases thousands of microscopic airs into the air. These hairs are coated with the horrible smell of wet dog, which will propagate through your air ducts into your home.

Air fresheners will only cover the smell for a short time. You need to clean your dirty ducts to truly rid yourself of the smells.

Improved Efficiency & Air Quality

As your air ducts fill up with pet fur and dander, they become much less efficient. This, in turn, reduces the air quality in your home. Pet owners who schedule a regular duct cleaning find their air quality greater than a home that does not.

If you want your house guests and family to feel the difference when inside your home, you need to make sure your dirty ducts are regularly cleared of pet fur and dander.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned Regularly

We all love our pets and want them to live comfortably in our homes with us. But sometimes, we need to make sure that they are not reducing our air quality with their fur and dander and get our ducts cleaned.

Schedule a regular duct cleaning and make sure that the air you breathe is fresh, non-allergenic, and pet-hair-free.

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