Why Consult Experts for Choosing the Best Heating System for Your Home

heating for your home

Bedford is a small town situated in Hillsborough County of New Hampshire. The winter spell lasts for 3.4 months in the city, and the weather can become very harsh during winter. Space heating consumes more energy in Bedford homes during winter. Therefore, the kind of heating system you have in your house significantly impacts the monthly energy costs. 

However, a plumber Bedford can help you select the best heating system for your home within your budget and cater to your needs. Here’s how:

Type of Heating System in Your Home

Before a Bedford plumber starts installing the heating system you have chosen, the expert will check whether your home is suitable for that type. For example, if your home is designed to have a flat roof and there is no air barrier between the conditioned and attic spaces, installing a hydronic heating system will not be a good idea because it will create moisture.

Secondly, the plumber will also check if your home already has a heating system and what type of fuel it uses. Heating systems can be categorized into four: 

  1. Gas
  2. Electric
  3. Oil
  4. Propane

If your house already has a heating system, the Bedford plumber will inspect it to determine whether it is suitable for the new system that you are planning to install. 

The Size of the Heating System

There are three factors in a heating system that will affect your monthly energy bills:

  1. Size
  2. Type
  3. Efficiency 

So, before installing a new system, it is essential to find out which heating system is best for your home and how much it costs to install. 

How Big Should the New Heating System Be? 

A plumber in Bedford can help you answer these questions better. For instance, if your new heating system uses the same energy as the old one, it will be economical not to change the existing system.

It is also essential to consider whether your house is well insulated or not. This will affect how much heat is escaping through walls and ceilings. If it has poor insulation, you will need a more extensive heating system to compensate for the heat loss.

The Cost of Heating Your Home

The cost of running a heating system in your home also needs to be considered. For instance, electric heating is more expensive than gas heating, but electric heating is more efficient. So, it would help if you decided which is more important to you – the initial cost of the heating system or the running cost. A plumber can help you make this decision quickly.

Select a Heating System That is Best for Your Home

Once the plumber has checked the type of heating system in your home, they will recommend the best one for your case. Before choosing a heating system, there are many factors to consider, such as the climate, size of your home, budget, and availability of fuel.

As per recent climate data, Bedford’s average winter temperature lows are between -20°C and -9.4°C. Most US homes generally have forced air or hot water distribution-based heating systems. If you reside in a cold place and have a large home, a Bedford plumber might recommend a heating system that uses forced air or hot water. They might also suggest a space heater or an electric heating system if you have a tight budget.

Thus, a professional plumber will tell you about the different types of heating systems available and their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, they will inform you of the average annual operating cost for each type of heating system, which includes both energy costs and maintenance expenses.

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