What to Look For in a Reliable Solar Installer

Solar power is an expensive investment. You don't want someone who won't install it properly. This guide will show you how to find a reliable solar installer.

Almost half of the homeowners across the country are considering adding solar panels to their property. This comes as no surprise as energy production and green opportunities take a more central role throughout society. 

The benefits of solar energy are widely accepted and seen as making the initial investment worth the cost. 

But because it is such an expensive cost at first, many homeowners become paralyzed at this stage of the decision-making process. They don’t want to run into problems and lose the money that they’ve spent when the system doesn’t work long-term. Thant’s why it’s so important to find a reliable solar installer. 

We’ve created this guide to help everyone in the solar panel market find the right company! 

Look For An Established Business

The first answer to the question of how to find a solar installer is to look for an established business. Depending on where you live, it’s likely that there are a lot of installation options available to you. This may look like independent contractors, as well as larger companies. 

While nothing inherently wrong with working with an independent contractor, it’s harder to double-check their legitimacy. 

It’s crucial to make sure that you’re working with an established business so that you know the work is being done correctly. Also that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong, and you can feel more confident. One of the best ways to check this is to ask to verify a license and insurance coverage. 

Focus on Techniques and Skillsets 

Once you know that you’re looking into a legitimate solar panel installation company, it’s time to take a look at the technique they use. A reliable solar installer will be able to show you their process and their skill level. 

Not all solar panels are installed in the same way, which makes sense since not all homes are set up the same and not all solar systems are the same either. Take a little time to research what you think might work best for your home to have an idea. Then you can ask the installation company what their process is and how it would work with your home specifically. 

This is also a great time to ask to see previous jobs they’ve completed to get a feel for their finished products! 

Inquire About Warranties and Guarantees 

Even the most well-established and skilled solar power installation teams can still have things go wrong. That’s just a part of life, unfortunately. In the small chance that it’s on your project that the accident happens, you want to make sure the company has a warranty or guarantee on their work. 

If you’re looking into this power option at all, you know that the solar installation cost isn’t low. It’s an investment in your future and in your property, so it’s worth it but definitely expensive. 

Because the cost is so high, you want to have as low risk as possible. Warranties or guarantees can help you spend the money more easily knowing that if something goes wrong before it should the company will take care of it for you and get your system back up and running. 

Ask All of Your Questions

Unless you are a retired solar panel installer, chances are there are some aspects of the process that you’re unsure about. It’s a very technical system with many moving parts so that’s very understandable. 

When you’re searching for an installer, ask them all of the questions you have about either the products themselves, the installation process, and about using the panels through the future. They are the experts and a reliable company will be able to answer most of your questions easily. 

You want a company that has a lot of knowledge and understanding of the whole system, so ask all of your questions to get a feel for their expertise. 

Check Out Reviews and References 

A huge benefit of living in the day and age that we do is the ability to check out any company online. Just a quick google search and you’ll likely be able to find a whole host of information about the company, their practices, pricing information, and so much more. 

The most important thing to look for in this type of research is ratings, reviews, and references from previous customers. 

These are the people who will have the opinion that should matter most to you. They can tell you what it was really like working with them, how their solar panel system has held up, and anything else you might want to know. An honest, unbiased opinion is priceless in a search like this. 

Meet Team Members 

Before making your final solar panel installation selection, check to make sure who will actually be doing the work on your home. 

Some companies hire out the actual installation work to third-party groups, which may change how you feel about the decision. If you’ve spent a lot of time researching one company, you want to get the benefits of the things that attracted you to them. It may be possible to get that from the third party as well, but it’s important to have a good understanding upfront. 

The key is to have open communication throughout the whole process to ensure everyone feels confident and you’re getting what you’re looking for! 

Finding a Reliable Solar Installer 

Adding solar power to your home is an exciting improvement with all the promise of helping the environment and saving money each month. It can also be a stressful time as you try to make sure everything is done correctly to ensure you see those benefits. 

The most important step of the whole process is to find the right solar installer that you can trust and feel confident in. Once you’ve found that right company, the rest of the process will be much less stressful and overwhelming for you, which is what everyone wants in the end!

If you’re interested in learning more ways to improve your home, check out our other articles today! 

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