What to Expect From Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Quick Guide

Are you getting ready to have your wisdom teeth removed? Here's everything you can expect from wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Did you know that as many as 37% of people are missing at least one wisdom tooth?

Some people are able to let their wisdom teeth grow in without any complications, but most people need to get at least one wisdom tooth removed. Not only do wisdom teeth cause crowding, but they may also cause painful impactions.

Wisdom teeth removal can seem like a scary procedure, but everything will go fine if you’re prepared. Keep reading for the ultimate guide on what you can expect when you remove wisdom teeth.

The Intensity Depends on the Tooth Position

Your wisdom teeth removal procedure may be different from everyone else you know because we all have unique teeth.

If your wisdom teeth grew out and you’d like to remove them to prevent overcrowding, then you may only need local anesthesia while your dentist pulls them out. Wisdom teeth that haven’t emerged yet will require an incision, which can lead to more swelling and a longer recovery period.

Blood Clots May Form

When it comes to Oral Surgery things to know, you need to understand that blood clots can form over the wounds to promote healing. While their appearance may seem startling, you need to leave them alone so your body can get back in top shape.

You’ll have to avoid using straws and drinking hot beverages since these things can cause the blood clot to dislodge.

You Should Eat Soft Foods After

Another important aspect of dental care after wisdom teeth removal is eating soft foods for up to a week after the procedure. Eating may be uncomfortable due to the wounds, so it’s better to stick with foods that you don’t need to chew as much.

Eggs, applesauce, ice cream, yogurt, soups that aren’t too hot, beans, and avocado are some nutritious foods that can help you recover.

Keeping Your Mouth Clean Is Imperative

Taking steps to maintain your oral health every day is crucial, but you need to be extra careful after wisdom tooth removal. The last thing you’d want is to get an infection at your removal site.

In addition to your normal flossing and brushing routine, it’s also wise to do some saltwater flushes a few times a day to keep your mouth sterile.

Plan on Resting After Your Dental Procedure

Some people don’t have a bad experience getting their wisdom teeth taken out while others need to nap and lounge in bed. Since you won’t know how you’ll feel until after the surgery, you should prepare for the worst just in case.

Take at least a day off from work and avoid strenuous activities so you can focus on healing.

Are You Getting Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery Soon?

Wisdom teeth removal is a lot less scary when you know what to expect from the procedure and recovery process. After reading this guide, you can feel confident walking into your appointment.

Having a healthy smile can work wonders for your physical and mental wellness. Read our other lifestyle articles so you can be your best self.

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