What Are the Stroke Types and What Happens for Each?

stroke types

Nearly 800,000 people have a stroke every year in the United States.

In fact, strokes are the fifth leading cause of death for Americans.

You may not know that there are different kinds of strokes, each with different causes.

Let’s take a look at the different stroke types and how they’re caused.

Ischemic Stroke

the most common type of stroke are ischemic strokes. 87% of strokes are this type of stroke.

This type of stroke occurs when the artery that supplies blood to the brain becomes blocked and blood is not able to flow freely. One of the common causes of this blockage is blood clots.

If you have had a stroke, you might consider undergoing stroke therapy.

Hemorrhagic Stroke

a hemorrhagic stroke is when there is a rupture or a leak in an artery in the brain. This can lead to brain cell damage, as the leaked blood can put too much pressure on them.

Two conditions that can cause this type of stroke are aneurysms and high blood pressure.

There are two different types of hemorrhagic strokes. These are intracerebral hemorrhages and subarachnoid hemorrhages.

Intracerebral hemorrhages are the more common type. This happens when the tissue around the brain is flooded with blood due to an artery bursting.

The less common type of hemorrhagic stroke is subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is when the area between the brain and the thin tissue surrounding it is bleeding.

Transient Ischemic Attack

You may have heard this type of stroke also referred to as a mini-stroke. It is not the same as the other major types of strokes because in this instance the blood flow to the brain is blocked for usually no more than five minutes.

Don’t let the name mini-stroke fool you, though. This is a sign of a future stroke and is a medical emergency that should be dealt with immediately.

When a stroke is beginning, it is pretty much impossible to know whether a person is having a transient ischemic attack or a major stroke.

This type of stroke is often caused by blood clots just like ischemic strokes.

Knowing the Stroke Types Could Help Save You or Your Loved One’s Life

when it comes to any medical condition, knowledge is power. Understanding that there are different types of strokes can help you to prepare for the unexpected.

Strokes are a serious medical incident and can affect people of all ages. While many people assume that only older people have strokes, it is not uncommon for people under the age of 65 to also have them. In fact, 34% of the people who were hospitalized for a stroke in 2009 were under the age of 65.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the warning symptoms and signs of a stroke. Acting quickly can greatly increase the chances of survival.

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