Warning Signs Your AC Needs Professional Maintenance

With summer just around the corner, you’ll want your AC running smoothly. Learn how to spot the warning signs that your unit needs AC maintenance.

Death Valley may hold the world record highest air temperature of 134°F, but you don’t have to live there to need a properly functioning AC system that can keep your rooms cool and pleasant. 

However, sometimes air conditioning units can malfunction and it’s important to know how to tell if you need to call in the AC maintenance professionals. While it may not always be obvious when you need expert help, you can look for several tell-tale signs that your system needs an AC repair. 

Grab a cool drink and read on to learn more. 

Inaccurate Thermostat

After an AC installation, your thermostat should work perfectly, but this can change over time. If your thermostat starts to take inaccurate temperature readings, it may turn your AC unit on when it is already cool, or not deliver cold air when it is too hot. 

If you notice this happening, you can call this service to fix the problem at a cost-effective price.

System Cycling Happens Too Often

You may also require a home AC maintenance contractor if your unit is cycling on and off too often. If this is happening regularly, your energy bills could increase and your unit may be under excessive strain which can cause extra wear and tear on its components. 

If your system is switching itself on and off in intervals of 5 minutes or less, consider asking for a professional AC unit inspection. 

Weak Airflow

Your AC system could be producing cold and hot air at the appropriate times, but the airflow is underwhelming. In this scenario, the air will not travel as far and your unit will be less effective.

An AC maintenance service can determine if you need a new air filter and also clean your unit’s vents. 

Foul Smelling Odors

If your air conditioner’s water pan is overflowing, bacteria and mold can build up inside your unit. There could also be small animals that have entered your unit and died, and you may not be aware of them being there. You could then notice there are foul smells coming into your room. 

When an AC unit maintenance professional visits your property, they can identify the problem and return your system to a pristine condition. This will mean you have clean and odor-free air coming from your AC system. 

Call an AC Maintenance Service if You Spot These Issues

Arranging an appointment with an AC maintenance service can get your unit working properly and help you to keep cool during the warmer summer months. Look out for your thermostat not working correctly and the airflow from your unit becoming less forceful. You might also want to contact an AC contractor if there are unpleasant odors coming from your system, or if the unit is turning on and off too often.

These tips can help you keep your AC system working at peak efficiency when you need it most. 

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