Types of Home Windows

With so many decisions to make when replacing the windows in your home, click here to explore popular types of home windows.

Did you know replacing your windows can improve the value of your home? Replacement windows will enhance the aesthetic of your home and energy efficiency.

If you would like to learn about some potential new window styles, keep reading. In this guide, you’ll learn about unique types of home windows. You can compare window styles and find one that suits your home.

Check out the tips below.

Choose Your Budget 

Before you embark on a new window installation project, plan out your budget. Think about how much you can afford to spend on this upcoming renovation.

Will you replace all the windows in your home, or are you going to replace a few? You should ensure you have enough saved to cover the expenses.

You don’t want to get started on this project and end up overwhelmed with the cost. 

Round Windows

Consider buying half-round, oval, or elliptical windows. You can add an architectural touch to your home with these window types.

Round windows are a favorite among those who want Victorian or Gothic-era features. Half-round windows can also be combined with transom or picture windows.

Usually, round windows remain fixed. However, some manufacturers will provide round windows that you can open for ventilation. Ask the window installer if they can help you out if you’d like one that opens. 

Will You Get Skylight Windows?

You can add natural light to your house with skylight windows.

There aren’t many options for exterior walls. However, you could add some skylight windows to your ceiling. The window will get installed like a roof vent. Skylight window installations might cost a bit more.

You can choose between a fixed or movable option. Homeowners will usually install an electric skylight window. open and close your skylight window with a push of a button.

In the evening, you will get to enjoy a stunning view of the night sky overhead. 

Have You Considered Sliding Windows?

If you have a long, open wall space, you might consider installing a sliding window.

Sliding windows will usually have two sashes or sections made from single windows. One of the sections will slide horizontally over the other window to close or open.

Sliding windows help to make a small bedroom appear more prominent. You’ll also help prevent the room from appearing dark and cramped with this type of window. 

Storm Windows

Storm windows are a fairly straightforward installation. You install exterior windows in the frame of your current window. They are excellent for people in regions prone to getting hit by storms and hurricanes.

Storm windows will also help limit heat loss during winter and block out drafts.

If you plan to sell your home, and live in a costal region, storm windows will definitely interest future buyers. 

Transom Windows

Transom windows provide a stunning accent to your home. They will often become a focal design point in a home. These decorative windows usually get installed above doors in luxury homes.

Installing a transom window will cost you, but it adds a cosmetic appeal to the space. You can choose a semi-circle, rectangular, or square shape.

Transom windows accentuate window types while bringing in more natural light.

You Might Prefer Custom Windows

Consider custom windows if you’re still at a loss for what window to choose. If you have a unique space that you would like to fill, choose this route. Custom windows will get created for these particular spaces.

Finding quality window installers like Renewal by Andersen window replacement can save you a lot of stress. You know you’ll be working with reputable installers. 

Consider Double-Hung Windows

Homeowners love double-hung windows. This kind of window has two sashes that will move vertically up and down in its frame.

You can open these windows from the bottom or lower them from the top. They are much easier to clean because you don’t have to go outside.

If you own a traditional-style home, consider this window replacement option. These windows are very popular among homeowners, so you will find many manufacturers selling them. They are also affordable.

Try Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a stationary top. You can prop open the bottom sash to let in the fresh air. Homeowners tend to choose single-hung windows because they are more energy-efficient since the lid is sealed.

Consider choosing a single-hung window if you would like a traditional-style window. This is an excellent option if you need to find the perfect window for a narrow space.

Casement Windows

Casement windows will provide a room with ventilation. Casement windows will have sashes that open with a crank. They are an excellent option for homeowners who need a window for a difficult-to-reach spot.

Casement windows remain a top choice for a contemporary or transitional-style house. When fully extended, a casement window can break from the severe wind. Yet, make sure to close the window on a windy day.

Awning Window

An awning window will have a top region that opens outward, providing extra ventilation to a space.

You can easily open or shut the window by pushing the base or turning a crank handle. Awning windows will usually get installed below or above a fixed window.

Most homeowners will install these windows in a wetter climate. The window will act as an awning while open. You could place one in your basement or a lower level of your home.

What About a Hopper Window?

Hopper windows will either push open or crank to tip down. They are helpful for a low-level or compact room. They can also provide maximum insulation since they seal against a frame when closed shut.

That’s why you will find these windows in bathrooms or basements.

Bay Windows

Add more space to your home and improve curb appeal with a bay window.

Bay windows have a primarily fixed window pane and two smaller, angled panes on either side. The side windows will be either by casement or double-hung windows.

Bay windows provide an aesthetic and stunning addition to a traditional house. The installation might cost a bit, but they will transform the appearance of your home.

Consider Installing Bow Windows

Bow windows have large and curved windows that extend the inside of your home and give a panoramic view.

Bow windows will also improve curb appeal. Gardeners will love these windows because they offer a shelf region to grow plants. You could also place additional seating below this window.

You Might Want a Picture Window

Picture windows are large windows that allow in tons of natural light. Improve the atmosphere in your home by installing this window. 

Enjoy an obstructed view of the scenery. For people living in the countryside, consider installing a picture window and enjoy the stunning view outdoors. Since the windows are sealed, they are an excellent energy-efficient option.

Fixed windows will stay sealed; that’s why they provide the best energy savings. They also have a simple and modern design. The only drawback to consider is that you won’t be able to open picture windows.

Palladian Window

Palladian windows provide a stunning and embellished option because of the arched top.

Palladian windows draw people’s attention and work as a stunning focal point in a house.

Choosing the Right Window Installers

Once you know what kind of window replacement you will choose, begin researching installers. If your friend or relative recently had their windows replaced, ask them for a reference.

If you cannot get a recommendation, simply begin your search online. Read through the reviews, and make sure to read the three-star reviews.

These reviews will provide insight into what the installer excelled at, and where they didn’t perform.

Make a list of your top two or three choices. See if you can meet with the window installer, and explain your budget and goals. Find out if they have experience working on a home like yours. 

You could also ask to speak to previous clients. You’ll get a chance to find out what they liked about the installer. 

Finding the Perfect Types of Home Windows

 There are so many types of home windows to consider. Think about what kind of window will suit your home style. Are you looking at changing all the windows in your home, or replacing a few?

You should also spend time researching the window installers, as well.

Would you like to work on more home renovation projects? Get inspired by checking out the rest of our blog. 

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