Tooth Discoloration: What’s Really Causing Those Stained Teeth?

Tooth discoloration can be a problem for many people. If you're concerned about the appearance of your teeth, read more about the causes of stained teeth today.

Unclean-looking teeth have a major impact on self-esteem. Even if there’s nothing actually wrong with your teeth, even stained teeth can make you feel bad about your appearance.

If you have stained teeth and want to know the cause, keep reading. You can find out what caused your stains, how to stop them from getting worse, and even how to reverse the current staining you have.

Foods That Stain Teeth

There are a number of things that may result in different types of teeth stains. Poor dental hygiene will result in discolored teeth as well as the regular use of tobacco products. Stained teeth could also be a result of aging, illness, and some medications.

But if you aren’t facing any of those problems; if you take good care of your teeth, don’t smoke, and aren’t sick, you may be getting stains from the foods you eat. Staining foods are one of the most common causes of stained teeth.

Tea and Coffee

If you’re a caffeine addict, the color of your teeth may be suffering from it. Coffee-stained teeth are all too common for cosmetic dentists to see, and tea isn’t uncommon either.

Both tea and coffee contain tannins (the silty stuff that sticks to your tongue) which causes staining. It sticks to your teeth and can even be a little abrasive. There is some evidence that putting more milk in your tea or coffee can help counteract the staining.

Red Wine

Like coffee and tea, red wine also contains tannins which stain the teeth. Badly stained teeth from red wine have a reddish or even purple tint to them. You’ll find this is a problem if you regularly drink cranberry or grape juice too.

Tomato Sauces and Curry

We all know how hard it is to get a tomato sauce or curry stain out of fabric. Well, the same goes for your teeth. It all just has to do with the strong pigments found naturally in spices and tomatoes. Just think, often spices are used as dyes. Why wouldn’t they also dye your teeth?

Foods That Whiten Teeth

Now you know all the foods that can cause stains on your teeth. The best course of action to counteract the staining is to see a cosmetic dentist who can recommend a whitening treatment. But there’s more good news.

You can also fight against stained teeth by changing your eating habits. And we aren’t just talking about restricting those staining foods. There are also foods that whiten teeth. Add some of those acidic, hydrating, and calcium-rich foods to your diet and you may see the results in whiter-looking teeth.

Say Goodbye to Stained Teeth

Thankfully, teeth stains don’t have to last forever. Whitening treatments can remove years of stains relatively quickly. You can undergo a whitening treatment in-person from your dentist, or from home thanks to whitening kits.

Whitening treatments often get a bad rap as being expensive, but there are quality whitening options at every price point. Not only that, there’s a whitening option for every lifestyle. Some kits come with substantial equipment, while others can easily slip into a makeup bag for on-the-go application. Regardless of your preferences, you’re likely to find a whitening kit that meets your needs.

By restricting certain foods, adding others into your diet, and getting whitening treatments you can say goodbye to stained teeth. While a certain amount of staining is natural if you think there may be more to your tooth staining story, consult a dentist.

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