Three Tips for Finding Custom Wood Furniture For Home or Office

Rich, beautiful wood furniture makes a strong visual statement in your home or office. Check out our guide to finding custom wood furniture to match your decor.

Did you know there’s an increased interest in eco-friendly furniture? That’s just one of many trends to keep an eye on for furnishing your home office. Another growing trend is ordering furniture online.

Sure, it’s fun to window show in a big box store, but there’s nothing like the convenience of ordering something right to your door. And if you’re in the market for custom wood furniture, you’re likely going to find it online. Learn how to find the perfect custom carpentry options for furnishing your living or workspace.

1. Don’t Just Google “Custom Furniture Near Me”

It might be tempting to find custom furniture makers with a quick search online. And maybe that’s all you need to do in the end. But before you make a purchase, you need to know what’s worth customizing.

Maybe you truly want an heirloom dining table. But if you’ve never heard of live edge woodworking, how do you know what you’re paying for. Learn here and discover everything you need to know about live edge custom woodworking.

Once you do your research on possible custom furniture, then you can go ahead and shop locally. But make sure you plan before you invest in something you can’t use for the long term.

2. Plan Where Your Custom Wood Furniture Belongs

If you’re wondering how to find custom furniture, you’re likely beyond an internet search. Maybe there are no carpenters in your area, or perhaps they don’t do custom work. But if you want custom woodwork pieces, you’re ready to drop a pretty penny on quality work.

You must plan your sizing well ahead of time. If it’s going to be upholstered, you need to make sure color schemes match. And if you should also have a specific purpose in mind for this piece.

When you’re choosing wood from whichever custom furniture makers you find, make sure they have what you want. If you’ve done your research, you might have your eye on trees with hardy or water-resistant wood.

3. Double Check the Details and Specs

Even the best custom wood furniture requires double-checking. Maybe you sketched out what you wanted for your furniture. If you’ve got a really unique piece in mind, make sure you’ve discussed it in-depth with your woodworker.

After you finalize things like upholstery, wood type, finish, stain, and so on: check again. You never know what details might have been accidentally overlooked. The last thing you or your carpenter wants is an imperfect piece. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars and weeks of waiting only for the piece to come out wrong.

When you review the specifications, you can be confident in your woodworker, yourself, and investment. It never hurts to check again. And be sure to specify the relevant delivery details, too.

Learn More About Custom Woodworking and Other Home Furnishings

Now you know what it takes to find custom wood furniture, it’s time to start planning! For more tips and tricks on bringing unique touches to your home, check out the rest of our content.

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