These Are the 5 Most Common Plumbing Materials

Do you know what your home's pipes are made of? Chances are high they're made of one of these five most common plumbing materials.

In the United States, there are nearly half a million plumbers, they work on everything from home construction to commercial buildings and repair. 

One of the big jobs plumbers have is to install and replace pipes. These pipes are made out of plumbing materials that are tried and tested. 

In the world of plumbing, there are common plumbing materials that are used for pipes. There are five plumbing materials and fittings you’ll be likely to find, though one of these five, galvanized steel, is no longer popular. The others, from the venerable copper pipe to modern plastics, are all still very common. 

1. Copper Pipe 

Copper was once among the only plumbing materials used to construct pipes. Many of those pipes are still in use today, going strong nearly a century after being installed. Copper is king of pipes because it won’t pollute your water, they last an extremely long time, and they are very durable against damage though more expensive than other options. 

2. Galvanized Steel 

For a large part of the 20th century, galvanized steel was among the most popular choices for commercial plumbing materials. If you have a home that was built during this time period, there is a good chance that your plumbing features galvanized steel. Tough and durable, galvanized steel is distinctive in color and feel to any other material. 

3. PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl Chloride is perhaps what most people think of when they think of materials needed for plumbing. Stark white pipes have many advantages, PVC pipe is known for being corrosion resistant, and not polluting the water being transported down them. They are, however, sometimes brittle and over time can break easily. 

4. CPVC Pipe 

Not as common among house plumbing materials as PVC, CPVC is a more durable and thermal resistant version of PVC. It is more flexible and is often used in industrial liquid dispensing and transportation. This is due to the fact it can handle much higher temperatures than PVC. 

5. PEX Pipe 

Tough and resilient PEX pipe has become a favorite choice in most states. It is durable, dependable and as long as it is kept away from sunlight or excessive chlorine, could last you more than 100 years. Like all materials, it has its drawbacks, but it has only increased in popularity. 

Plumbing Materials and Plumbers 

If you don’t know what kind of pipe your home has, don’t hesitate to call a plumber. To an untrained eye, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the various plastic and resin pipes. A plumber will be able to tell quickly, and that can help make repairs and maintenance much easier. 

Plumbing Materials In Our Lives

Plumbing materials have long determined the strength and durability of infrastructure. Transporting water to and waste away from homes, plumbing is one of the cornerstones of modern society.

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