The Most Popular Types of Siding in 2021

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Are you thinking of replacing your siding? 

One of the best ways to refresh the exterior of your home and add curb appeal in the process is to replace your old siding. New siding doesn’t just boost the appearance of your home, but it also can increase the value of your home, increase your home’s efficiency, and even keep pests away. 

For these reasons, replacing your siding is a great idea.

However, there are all types of siding you can use for your replacement. The type of siding material you choose depends on what will work best for your home and your needs.

If you are wondering what types of siding material you can use to refresh your home, here are the most popular types of siding in 2021 to choose from. 

Vinyl Siding

One of the most popular types of siding to consider is vinyl. This type of siding is affordable, chip and fade-resistant, and low maintenance. 

However, vinyl siding is also easily damaged and can shrink and grow in extreme weather conditions. If you notice any cracks in your vinyl siding, it may be time to for a replacement.

Wood Siding

Another popular siding material is wood. This type of siding is not only beautiful, but it’s also resistant to decay and is long-lasting. However, wood siding is also high maintenance and is easily damaged by carpenter ants and termites. 

Stucco Siding

A popular type of siding to use is stucco. This type of siding is durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient. However, stucco siding is also expensive to install and easily cracks and stains. 

Aluminum Siding

A siding material that is growing in popularity is aluminum. This type of siding is affordable, resistant to rust, lightweight, and easy to maintain. However, aluminum siding is also on the softer side, which means it’s easy to dent, scratch, and damage. 

Stone Veneer Siding

A siding material that has been popular for years is stone veneer. This type of siding looks like real stone but is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. However, stone veneer is not as durable as real stone and can have a variety of moisture issues. 

Metal Siding

Another popular siding material is metal. This type of siding is low-maintenance, resistant to fire and pests, and long-lasting. However, metal siding is also expensive and easily dented and scratched. 

Brick Siding

Brick siding has been one of the most popular choices for decades. This type of siding is low-maintenance, long-lasting, and resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and pests. However, brick siding is difficult to repair and does not offer many design options. 

These Are the Most Popular Types of Siding in 2021

There are several popular types of siding you should consider when you are thinking of replacing your siding. 

The most popular types are vinyl and wood. You should also consider stucco, aluminum, and stone veneer. Other types of siding that are popular in 2021 are metal and brick.

Review the pros and cons of these materials and choose the best siding for your needs.

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