The Most Fashion-Forward Destination Throughout Asia

Europe has typically been the continent known fo fashion, but Asia is the new rising star. Come check out some of Asias fashion hot spots.

When it comes to international fashion, cities like Milan, Paris, NYC, and LA might pop into your head. Perhaps Tokyo crosses your mind as well, but other than that it is not common to think of Asian cities as the most fashionable destinations in the world. The Asian continent is known for many things. However, fashion isn’t typically one of them. Sure Asia has stunning scenery, amazing food, and it is the ultimate spot for cheap travel. Using sources like Bookaway Vietnam or Hostelworld for your romp through China can get you some of the best deals on the planet. But Asia provides so much more than just budget-friendly travel opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, it is also home to some of the trendiest fashion capitals in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

As we’ve already mentioned Tokyo as a fashionable destination, Japan’s capital city is a good starting point. Tokyo is an interesting combination of classic Japanese culture with an ultramodern twist. This mix between traditional and modern is what makes fashion found throughout the city so interesting. Tokyo’s fashion moguls do an amazing job of sticking to their roots and getting creative, even adventurous, with their designs. Some people call the fashion of Tokyo playful while always use the word quirky. Whatever your personal opinions are, you can’t deny that this city is fashion-forward. Being fashionable means stepping out of the box and trying something new, which is certainly the case for fashionistas living in Tokyo.


Singapore is considered one of the world’s largest shopping hubs. This is mainly because it is one of the most prevalent importers of fashion international labels. Many people won’t be able to afford shopping in Singapore since it is one of the most expensive destinations worldwide. Keep in mind that the city is home to the most millionaires per capita. These people can certainly afford to splurge on designer labels. Singapore has slowly been climbing the ranks when it comes to fashion. There are some questions about why, but the main theory is that the city’s blend of culture, fine art, unique architecture, and high tourism rates make for interesting fashion trends. Right now, Singapore rests as the 12th most fashionable city in the world. I think you can expect that number to rank even better in the years to come.

Shanghai, China

China’s biggest city, Shanghai, has consistently ranked as a fashionable destination. Many world-renowned designers hail from here, including Helen Lee, Masha Ma, and Christine Lau. As soon as you step foot in Shanghai, you’ll understand where the fashion-forwardness comes from. It’s almost as if the city is set in the future, and this futuristic architecture is what inspires many Shanghai-based designers. At the moment, fashion is the biggest source of e-commerce in the entirety of China. Fashion has and will always be an important aspect of the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. Similar to Singapore, Shanghai is expected to give Milan and Paris a run for their money within the next decade or two.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is considered to be one of the most cultural hubs in the entire world, and with culture often comes fashion. South Korea’s capital has always been a leader when it comes to artistic influence, and this can be experienced by simply walking down the street. Highly-recognized fashion gurus like D. Gnak and WooYoungmi live within the confines of the city, taking inspiration from their surroundings. The annual Seoul Fashion Week is one of the most attended fashion events in the world. Local designers love to base their designs on Western styles, but then add an Asian twist. Recently, the sales of luxury goods increased by a whopping 15%, and most of these goods are related in some way or another to high fashion.

Bali, Indonesia

Technically, Indonesia’s Bali is not a city, but rather an island that is filled to the brim with fashion. Bali is unlike any of the other Asian fashion capitals mentioned on this list. This tropical island falls into a unique fashion niche, one that takes on beachy vibes and tropical colors. Some of the best swimwear designers live on the island, selling their teeny bikinis to the many tourists that come here for the sun, surf, and sand. Since Bali is home to a tropical climate, you won’t find much in terms of high fashion. Every designer here keeps the atmosphere in mind, which is nothing short of a tropical paradise.

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