The Common Types of Carpet for Your Home

There are several different types of carpet you have to choose from for your house. You can find out more by clicking right here.

Are you having a hard time choosing a carpet?

When redecorating a home, the decor you use will say a lot about you. This makes choosing among the right types of carpet important because it will relieve stress and define the ambiance that you’re trying to give off the moment someone enters your home. It also creates a certain balance in your living space, making it feel cozy.

What’s great is that there are different options for you to choose from. If you’re new to the market, these are the common types of carpets that are sure to fit your home. Check out the different carpet options and find the best fit for your home.

1. Cut Pile Carpets

Piles are the term used for carpets on how they’re made, one of these types is the cut pile. These are straight strands, cut and twisted to have the same length. Cut piles are so soft, that when you take a step, it leaves footprints and vacuum streaks.

2. Saxony Plush Carpet

This is one of the more popular styles of carpet because it features a thick pile. The Saxony arrangement packs the fibers tightly together, creating a smooth appearance. When using this style of carpet, it’s advised not to place it near furniture because it can tear easily.

3. Texture Styled Carpet

If you want a carpet that’s durable and resistant, what you need is a texture-styled carpet. This style offers resistance to stains and tears, making maintenance easier. This is important in keeping the area clean.

The surface of this style has enough twisted surface making it appear casual. It’s the perfect carpet that you can place near glass wall doors or areas that has traffic.   

4. Berber Style Carpet

Do you want a different type of pile aside from the common cut pile? Get your home a Berber-style carpet. This type of carpet has the style of yarn loops that stands upright. You can expect it to last long because it uses loops and will not shed over time.

Use carpet grippers for easy carpet installation. This will make sure that you always keep your carpets wrinkle-free no matter how much traffic it faces.

5. Patterned-Style Carpet

This style of carpet uses a patterned loop with different colors and heights. This will create a design and texture in the carpet used to enhance your floor design. Use this carpet in rooms you think people will spend a lot of time in, like the living room for family gatherings and such.

It’s often referred to as the best carpet since it enhances any room you put it in. It ties up any room and can complete different aesthetic themes. 

Know the Types of Carpet Today!

When judging a carpet by the quality, know that there’s no universal grading for it. There are other types of carpet that you can use to match the interior of the house. Pick what matches your style and own a carpet today!

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