The Best Types of Hardwood Flooring for Today’s Home

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Are you in a dilemma in choosing the appropriate flooring for your home? If so, there are many best types of hardwood flooring to consider.

The global hardwood flooring is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% by 2026. The continuous growth of the construction industry is expanding the market.

Hardwood floors for homes have a unique aesthetic appeal. They are also strong and durable, saving homeowners a lot of dollars.

Maybe you’re wondering which best types of floors will suit your home this year. Here are the best types of hardwood flooring to consider.


Oak hardwood flooring is among the common types of flooring in the United States. Oak flooring comes in different colors – black, red, light beige, and others.

This hardwood flooring doesn’t get stained easily. However, this depends on the color you choose.

The hardness and densities of oak floors also vary. Hard and denser oak floors are the most durable options.

Oak floors are also resistant to moisture. This makes them more stable and easier to maintain.


Ash hardwood flooring is also one of the best flooring types to consider. Compared to many other hardwood floors, ash is quite lightweight.

Ash floors do not have many colors like other hardwood flooring options. They mainly come in light beige or brown colors.

Many people prefer ash floors because of their unique aesthetic appeal. Ash floors are the best if you want to sell your home quickly. Also, ash floors are hard, making them long-lasting.


Ebony hardwood floors are known for their dark brown colors. They are not lightweight.

Unlike other hardwood floors, these are quite difficult to install. You will have to hire the best flooring company for these floors and their installations.

Ebony floors are not for you if you want stylish hardwood floors. However, their hardness and durability make many homeowners prefer them. They are resistant to moisture damage and scratches.


Hickory hardwood floors are the hardest and most durable options. This makes them suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial places. They have a rustic look, making them more appealing.

They are suitable for areas with high traffic like kitchen and living rooms. They are also not easily damaged by moisture and pests.

Their high quality makes them quite expensive. So, have a good budget before purchasing them.

Hickory flooring has tensile strength, making it easier to clean and maintain. Consider these hardwood floors if you want a long-lasting investment.


Cherry floors come in two categories – Brazilian cherry and American cherry. They are very hard, with about 2,350 Janka scale. Cherry floors are reddish-brown, making the rooms warm.

They are the most comfortable hardwood floors to walk on. Cherry flooring is the best option for homes with traditional interior designs. Buy cherry flooring and enjoy an appealing home.

These Are the Best Types of Hardwood Flooring

Good flooring can enhance the value and appeal of your home. However, not all flooring options are suitable. Hardwood floors are among the best types of floors to consider.

With this information, getting the best types of hardwood flooring for your home shouldn’t be difficult.

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