The Best Sleeping Positions For Couples

sleeping positions

Go With What’s Known To Work

First things first: are you, as a couple, the same as your neighbors across the street or across the hall? No? Then what works for them may not work for you. Then again, it might. Though all individuals, and by extension couples, are different, they’re still human beings. Certain activities may well work for you where others won’t work for your friends.

So though the healthiest way to sleep for most—owing to heartburn and other factors—is on your back, that may not be the most restful position for you or your spouse. Maybe one of you is a front sleeper, or a side sleeper, or a starfish sleeper with limbs thrown higgledy-piggledy across the bed.

While you could reign in your natural impulses, this might not be healthy. So in this writing, we’ll follow a few different couples’ sleeping positions to hopefully cover the trends which define most couples overall.

1. Spooning: The Old Classic

Generally, the man is behind the woman with an arm wrapped intimately about her waist, and both sleep comfortably through the night. Sometimes the woman is behind the man; sometimes either partner switches it up—but couples tend to fall into a rhythm and stick to it. For some, this is the best sleeping position.

2. The Hollywood Romance Pose

This is when the man lies on his back, and the lady stretches out on her side with her right or left arm (depending on which side of the man she’s on) draped over his chest. Most couples don’t sleep like this in reality owing to associated discomfort. However, for some, when the lady treats the man like a big snoring teddy bear, that’s the healthiest way to rest fully.

3. Room To Spread Out

Real couples who have been together for a while do get intimate, and afterward, they sleep on separate sides of the bed not owing to anything except personal comfort. Sometimes the best position for couples to sleep in is one where both have enough space to toss and turn, or otherwise spread out. This can be especially worthwhile after sex.

Many couples, whether regularly intimate or not, aren’t familiar with the concept of a mattress for sex. Certainly, you want to be able to sleep comfortably; but there are aspects of intimacy that benefit from beds designed just for that purpose. One of the benefits is more restful sleep after the fact owing to the overall design of the bed.

4. Back To Back

A very common way couples sleep is back to back. Often their backs are touching, and both partners are on their sides facing the other direction. Just be sure you’ve got pillows to put between your legs.

Spooning is more comfortable as you both naturally support one another at the musculoskeletal level. If you’re sleeping back to back, pillows between legs keep your pelvis and back from being out of wack owing to the weight of your legs.

5. Face To Face

Sleeping on your sides facing one another can be healthy in a psychological sense—it’s fine to wake up to the gentle, almost musical sound of a loved one sleeping right in front of you. In terms of physiological impact, this is pretty similar to sleeping back to back, only you get to wake up with an eyeful of your loved one.Which Positions Best Suits You? That’s The One To Use
Whether sleeping face to face, back to back, spread out, in the “Hollywood” pose, or the conventional “spoon”, getting a full, restful night of sleep is what’s most important. So, identify how you and your significant other sleep, and design bedding (up to and including mattress choice) to reflect such preferences. You might just sleep more restfully as a result.

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