Spring Cleaning: 7 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, which means it's time to start cleaning! If your kitchen needs some help, click here for some innovative kitchen cleaning tips.

Did you know that your kitchen is the dirtiest place in your home? It may be the heart of your home, but it’s also undoubtedly the center of the mess. Cleaning the kitchen is a never-ending task, but spring cleaning is when you get down to the nitty-gritty.

This guide has compiled some of the most brilliant kitchen cleaning tips experts swear by. We’ve covered all the nooks and crannies you may have been missing all this time and need to uncover finally.

Personally, my favorite tip is to hire some cleaners to do the work for you. If you decide to go that route, check out this post (https://www.evolutiondarlington.com/do-you-tip-for-house-cleaning/) for some advice. If you plan to do it yourself, then read on.

1. Clean Out Your Cabinets and Pantry

Spring cleaning is all about reaching all the corners that you haven’t been able to for a while. It means taking out everything from your cabinets and pantry and cleaning up the place well. You first have to throw away any expired or inedible foods and other broken items, then donate or sell whatever you no longer use or want.

Once you take out everything and put it on the kitchen counter, clean the inside of your cabinets with warm soapy water. If necessary, use a degreasing product and a toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach corners. Once you’re done, wipe it down with a dry towel before you organize everything.

Don’t forget to clean the outside of the cabinets as well, including the doors, handles, and knobs. These features are often overlooked, but they carry so much bacteria. It’s also essential for you to clean the items before putting them back in the cabinets and pantry.

If your cabinets are old and worn out, this would be the perfect time for you to add a fresh coat of paint. Alternatively, you could also tear them down and go for inexpensive open shelving for a change. Look here now to learn how easy designing your kitchen can be and see whether you’ll make a few changes.

2. Clean the Outline of Your Kitchen

When was the last time you cleaned your baseboards? Baseboards are a necessary evil because all the dust that swirls around when you’re cleaning the rest of the kitchen seems to stick to them. If left unattended, they can become gross quite fast, and they often go unnoticed until they almost become an eyesore.

Now that it’s spring cleaning time, one of the best kitchen cleaning tips you’ll come across is cleaning your baseboards. Start by sucking out the dust and dirt using your vacuum cleaner, then wipe them off with your mop.

If you’re including your children in your kitchen cleaning routine, this would be an excellent job for them. Just give them a damp cloth and let them wipe away. It’s a relatively small and easy task unless you have a really huge kitchen.

3. Get to All the Kitchen Corners

If there’s one thing a lot of homeowners don’t do, it’s moving the appliances to clean the areas behind them. Truth be told, it’s a given that you’ve dropped things behind, beside, or under your stove and didn’t pick them up. The same goes for other appliances, including your dishwasher, fridge, or washing machine if it’s in the kitchen.

Spring cleaning time is the ultimate opportunity for you to pull them off the wall and do some thorough cleaning. It’s crucial for you to clean the exterior of the appliances, so give them a good scrub before pushing them back in. This process will give your home a clean and fresh look and prolong the life of your appliances.

Additionally, you need to scrub and mop all areas behind those appliances to catch all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the past few months. The upside of this kitchen cleaning tip is that you will keep rodents away since this is where they mostly hide.

4. Cleaning Inside Your Appliances

Scrubbing the inside of your appliances should be done on a weekly or monthly basis. The refrigerator should be cleaned out every week, especially if you have a large family.

Still, spring cleaning time is a good time for you to clean everything inside out. So take out everything and give it a thorough clean as you did with the cabinets and pantry.

Start with the fridge and take out all the food. Sort out everything that is inedible or rotten and throw it out. Then clean out your fridge and freezer section before putting everything back in.

Clean the interior of your dishwasher as well, then go to your microwave, your oven, and finally other smaller appliances.

5. Dust, Dust, Dust

This thing is, dusting is not just for the living room because dust settles everywhere inside your home, including the kitchen. Considering how much time you spend in your kitchen, it happens to be a gathering spot, so there must be a great deal of it if you haven’t dusted in a while. Even though you wipe down the counters and sweep your floors every day, how often do you catch dust in other areas?

These areas include your shelves, the decor on your walls, cookbooks if you have any, coffee pots, canisters, and the top of your shelves. Basically, most of the things you don’t move around must have dust on them.

You’ll be surprised by how much dust accumulates on items that merely sit or hang in the kitchen. This is also a great time to clean your kitchen lights and light fixtures that often go unnoticed.

6. Wash Your Kitchen Curtains

Curtains hide a lot of dust and dirt. So it’s a great idea to take them off and put them through the washing machine. This is one of the best kitchen cleaning tips you will come across because curtains can get quite dirty from opening and closing them every day.

7. Clean Out Cobwebs

You may want to check your kitchen corners and other areas for spider webs during your dusting process. Some of the places you’re most likely to find them are your ceiling, especially at the corners of the kitchen, around your lights, behind doors, and under cabinets. Use a broom to knock them loose, or better yet, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them off.

Spring Cleaning: The Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips

If you’re just planning your spring cleaning, these are some of the top kitchen cleaning tips to keep in mind. Ensure you have all the necessary kitchen cleaning supplies before you start to make the process more seamless.

Other than that, we also have some other incredible tips on our website, so please check out our blog section today!

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