Simple Tips to Consider When Purchasing Pool Pumps

Simple Tips to Consider When Purchasing Pool Pumps

The brand, size, voltage, speed, and power of the pool pump will determine the choice when choosing the best pump for the pool. Also, price is also a factor, but for those who want the best pool pump that works best for their pool, has low maintenance costs and saves energy, the price of the pump should be the last. 

But whether it’s an underground, above-ground, salt or salt-free pool, let’s take a look at the most important things to consider before finally choosing the best pool pump.


Pump speed is very important; these pumps are available at low, medium, and high speeds. The faster the pool pump, the more electricity people can save and vice versa. There are 3 types of speed to choose from depending on the size of the pool. Specifically, they are single speed, double speed, and variable speed.


Single-pace pool pumps include the one-pace placing, which is “high” and can’t be decreased or increased. Single-pace pool pumps are the most popular and a few people nevertheless purchase them for ease of use. However, most individuals don`t suggest single-pace pumps due to the fact, if they want to shop on power, it won`t be feasible because people can’t lessen the velocity of placing even if the pool wishes gradual pumping.


Two-speed pool pumps have two-speed settings: “Low” and “High”. This means people can set the pump to a low speed when the pool doesn’t require a high speed, which saves energy, especially when the pool is not in use or not in use.

Variable Speed

The variable speed pump is the Cadillac of the pool pump. They come with a permanent magnet motor, so no electricity is required to turn the rotor as is the case with single and dual-speed pumps. They are slightly more expensive than induction motor pumps because they are more efficient, quieter, and last longer. The best part and the best choice for energy conservation as the speed can be digitally adjusted to low, medium, or high-speed depending on the condition of the pool.

Horse Power and Voltage

Pool pumps are designed in this type of manner so that they’ll continue to work in case people hardwire it without delay to a strong line. Both of the strongest connections are good. However, people should be very sure of the voltage relying on the dimensions of their pool

Pool pumps are available in exceptional voltage ranges and they’re 220 and 110 voltages, in which 110 is the bottom and 220 is the maximum voltage major pool pumps will provide.

Size of the swimming pool

The next most important thing to consider before spending money on a pool pump is the gallon size of the pool. This is because the most important factor to consider when choosing a pool pump is always calculating the hourly flow rate, also known as gallons per minute (GPM)

To get enough hourly flow, calculate the size of the pool in gallons, then divide by 8; this will be the standard time the pool pump must use to cycle the water completely.

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