Preparing Your Caravan for Storage

Preparing Your Caravan for Storage

Having a caravan is great for the summer months, and owning one means you can get away whenever you wish, but what happens when you aren’t going traveling or will not be using it for an extended period? You could sell it if you want some extra money, but if you wish to use it again in the future, this might not be the best option. What’s left is putting your caravan into storage until you need it again, whether this is for a couple of months or more. If you haven’t stored a caravan before, here are some quick tips to help you prepare for it.

1.    Consider The Specifics Of Storing A Caravan

When finding suitable storage, it is important to consider whether the options are suitable for the type of vehicle you are putting into storage. In this case, you want to know that it is big enough and secure enough for your caravan. Smaller vehicles like a standard car might be suitable for a climate-controlled storage unit that has been designed for cars, but larger ones like a caravan will have different needs. Always seek out the specifically designed ones for caravans to ensure yours comes out just as good as when it went into storage.

2.    General Maintenance During Winter

Once you have found suitable storage space for your caravan, the next step is to carry out some basic maintenance work to make sure it is safe. As your caravan will be in storage for a while, you want to make sure that there aren’t any faults that could result in a fire or other serious issues. If you’re unsure about what to do for maintenance, especially over the winter months, check these tips out. Looking over these tips can ensure you don’t miss a single thing regarding what to do to your caravan before putting it in storage.

3.    Get a Good Quality Cover

You don’t have to purchase a cover, but this is recommended if you want your caravan to stay in a good condition. This can help to keep dust off of the caravan, as well as other dirt and grime building up over time. It can also help protect it from any possible leaks in the storage unit or other debris that can make it dirty or potentially damage it. You will easily be able to find a suitable option online for a reasonable price.

4.    Clean it

As well as working on mechanical maintenance, you should also make sure you have given it a good clean inside and out. This way, you won’t accidentally leave anything in there that could go off and cause mold, and it will also be ready to use when you take it out of storage straight away. The last thing you want to discover is mold when it comes to actually using the caravan again. It could cost you a lot of money to fix and could even delay your trip.

If you are putting your caravan into storage for a few months or more, use this checklist as a starting point to help you prepare for this.

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