Moving 101: How To Move Furniture Upstairs

Are you moving onto a second floor? It can be a pain to navigate stairways. Learn how to move furniture upstairs in this guide to make things easier.

You’ve probably seen the episode of Friends where the cast struggle moving a sofa up a flight of stairs. While the act of pivoting a sofa around a corner makes for comedy gold, in reality carrying furniture upstairs can be quite a challenge. 

There’s a lot you need to think about when moving furniture upstairs. The size and weight of the item as well as the shape are all factors you need to consider. But what else do you need to think of? Here’s how to move furniture upstairs. 

The Golden Rules of Furniture Moving

When lifting anything heavy, it is important for your safety that you follow certain golden rules. 

Start off by making sure the route that you’ll be taking is completely free from obstructions and trip hazards. You should also ensure the route you’re taking is wide enough to carry the item of furniture through along with however many people it takes to lift it. 

Don’t bend over when lifting anything. You should always lift with your back straight. This means starting off with your knees bent. 

How to Lift Furniture

Lift from as low on the item of furniture as possible. Test the weight of the item of furniture before you try and move it.  If the item is too heavy, don’t try and lift it without the correct tools. 

Get Help

You shouldn’t attempt to lift large items of furniture on your own. You should always seek assistance. If you don’t have any help, don’t lift anything. 

Even smaller items can be heavy enough to need two people. Large lighter items such as headboards or bed frames may feel as though they can be lifted by one person, however, they are going to be awkward to carry, and help should be sought. 

Carry High to Low

When carrying an item up a flight of stairs, the person lifting from the top should carry higher up on the item than the person lifting at the bottom. 

The person leading will also need to move backward. For this reason, you’ll need to move slowly and carefully. 

Disassemble Items

If possible, disassemble items of furniture before carrying them. This will lighten the load and make it easier to carry. 

Do remember how your item came apart to make sure you can assemble it once you’re upstairs. 

Hire the Professionals to Do It

Don’t take any risks. If you don’t have enough people or the resources to move furniture safely, you should hire professionals to do it for you. 

There are plenty of removal companies that are highly skilled in navigating furniture up even the tightest of staircases. 

How to Move Furniture Upstairs

Now that you know how to move furniture upstairs, you’ll be able to pivot like a pro. These tips for moving to the second floor with safety in mind. If in doubt, hire a professional to help you. 

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