4 Signs That You Need Help From One of the Mold Remediation Services in Dayton Ohio

Learn signs and symptoms of a mold problem in your home. We will also show you the benifits of letting pros take care of it.

Over the last few months, something has changed but you don’t know what. All you know is that you don’t seem to feel quite like yourself. A trip to the doctor indicates you’re not coming down with some health condition, but you still don’t feel quite right. Are any of the following symptoms present? If so, there could be mold in the home. Calling one of the mold remediation services Dayton Ohio and having an expert inspect the home could lead to a resolution. 

Increasingly Frequent Headaches

Headaches used to be few and far between for you. Now they seem to show up regularly. Have you noticed that the headaches seem to come on more frequently when you’re at home for most of the day? Do they seem to fade a bit when you’re away from the house and get worse after you’ve been in the house for a couple of hours? If so, mold spores in the duct system may be entering each room via the air vents. Getting rid of the mold should mean the headaches go away. 

Nasal Congestion

You wake up with a stuffy nose and it seems to linger for most of the day. You do get a bit of a break when you go to work or spend a few hours away from the house. Once you’re home again, the congestion increases. 

Mold can cause a number of sinus issues. Congestion is one of them. Even if there’s no mold in the more obvious places like a basement or attic, there could still be some growing in the house. An expert will know where to look and what to do if mold is discovered. 

A Sore Throat That Never Seems to Get Better

You’ve been popping throat lozenges like candy lately. They’re the only thing that seems to help your throat feel better. Unless you plan on keeping some at hand all day, it’s time to find out what’s causing the discomfort. Should it turn out to be mold, do arrange for one of the mold remediation services Dayton Ohio to treat the house. Once the mold is gone, your sore throat should be history too. 

Sudden Coughing Fits

You can be watching television and have a sudden coughing fit. There’s this tickle in your throat and then it begins. Eventually, it begins to cease, but you never know when the next one will begin. There have even been times when you woke up with the strong urge to cough. That’s not helping you get the rest that your body needs. 

Exposure to mold spores could be the origin. Once the spores get into your respiratory system, coughing is a sure thing. The only way to stop those coughs is to get rid of the spores. You’ll need a mold remediation specialist in order to accomplish that. 

Remember that mold can develop in just about any area of the home. It can be present in spaces that you would never think to look. By having a remediation expert check the home, you’ll know where the mold is located, how severe the problem happens to be, and what the expert can do to make your home mold-free again.

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