Metal Roof Insulation: Pros and Cons to Consider

Durability and longevity are just two of the advantages of choosing a metal roof insulation option. Find out more here to see if metal roofing is the right fit.

No matter what type of roof you have, it needs one thing. That thing is insulation. Without it, your home will be cold, and a lot of outside noise will leak in. 

Metal rooftops are no exception to this. If you want your home to be more energy-efficient, you’ll need to have insulation. Your installation company will talk to you about three different metal roof insulation options. 

These options are fiberglass batts, rigid board, and spray foam. There are pros and cons to each of these materials. Check out this guide to learn what these advantages and disadvantages are and find out which one is right for you. 

Fiberglass Batts

Fiberglass batts are one of the most popular options for metal roofing. Threadlike glass formations are woven together to make a thick pad. It’s an inexpensive material to work with. 

It’s pretty simple to cut it to your specific needs. The drawback is that it’s hard to shape it around corners. It’s also not great at keeping moisture out. 

This isn’t a material that you can install on your own. It’s tiny shards of glass that you don’t want to touch or breathe in. If you do decide to handle the process by yourself, make sure that you’re wearing the necessary protective gear. 

Rigid Board Insulation

Out of all the different metal roofing materials, rigid board offers the most thermal protection.  It also works as an impressive sound barrier. 

The material is rigid, so it’s harder to form it to your specifications like you can fiberglass batts. It’s a lot denser than your other options, so it doesn’t use as many gaps and joints. This means that it doesn’t allow air to leak out. 

If the material isn’t installed the right way, UV rays can destroy it. Air can still get through unless the joints are taped tightly shut.

Cost is another factor that stops people from going with rigid board insulation. 

Spray Foam

Spray foam is the easiest material to install. It’s essentially a liquid that’s shot out of a high-pressurized machine. Oxygen causes it to dry up and harden into an effective insulation option. 

It can keep moisture away, and pests won’t find their way into it. You can install it on a new or old metal roof without having to rip anything up.

It’s not as expensive as rigid board insulation, but it’s a little pricer than fiberglass batts. This is another material that you shouldn’t try to install on your own.

It’s not dangerous, but it can be complicated if you don’t have experience with it. You can reach out to to learn more. 

Pros and Cons of Metal Roof Insulation 

If you want to keep your home cozy and noise-free, you’re going to need metal roof insulation. There are three different materials that you have to choose from. As you can see, they all have their own pros and cons.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to choose the best material for you. For more ways to update your roofing, visit our blog. 

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