Lyconet – What Are Cashback Sites All About?

Let’s take a look at what cash back sites are, how they work and how you can make the most cash with them.

We all know about money off coupons but online you may have seen talk of a thing called cashback which sites such as Lyconet can offer. These give you a great chance to save money when buying products but many people either don’t know about them, or don’t really understand how they work. If you fall into either of these categories then we are going to talk about exactly how cashback sites work and how you can use these offers to save some big money on products which you buy. Let’s take a look at what they are, how they work and how you can make the most of them.

What Is Cashback?

Basically these cashback sites give you money back on products which you have purchased, they offer a range of products which are eligible for cashback, each offering a different percentage of money back. For example this week they may be offering 20% cashback on a certain shampoo, you buy it and you get 20% of the cost back in cash.

How Do They Work?

Basically instead of offering you money off one of their products, a company will contact the cashback site and give them the offer, this encourages people to buy their products in the hope that they will land loyal customers. The cashback site make money from this through advertising and through the small sign up fee which they have on their websites. The customer of course is able to save, so all three parties involved get a great deal from this process.

How Do I Get Cashback?

In order to take part in this you first need to decide upon which cahback site you are going to use, once you have done that you will sign up and pay a small annual fee. The fee which you pay is so that you are able to see these exclusive offers. Browse the site and see which products are offering cashback, from here you can either follow a link which will take you to the product, or you can simply make a note of it and then buy that product in the grocery store. If you buy online then you will be taken back to the cashback site, and the percentage of money back will be deposited straight into your account. If you are physically buying the product then you will need to keep your receipt, upload it to your account and then you’ll get the cashback.

Is It Real Money?

There is no catch to the money which you will be getting back in your account, it isn’t coupons or anything like that, it is real money. You can then decide whether you wish to withdraw that cash to your bank account or keep the money to use in the future for more cashback offers.

Use these sites every week and you will be able to save a huge amount on your purchases, don’t miss out.

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