Keep It Solar: Can You Run Your Whole House on Solar Power?

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The sun creates enough energy in an hour to power the entire world for a year. However, getting that energy from the atmosphere and into our electrical outlets takes some effort. Putting up one solar panel on your roof might not be enough to power your house, but with the right tools and research, you can power your home exclusively with the sun. 

How Much Energy Does It Take to Run Your Home?

A modern home with all the latest appliances and gadgets can use a large amount of energy. Depending on the climate in your area, you may also use a substantial amount of power to heat or cool your home. 

The PVWatts Calculator run by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory can help you get an estimate for how many panels you need. An average home needs about 25 solar panels to power it fully with solar energy.

While the sun produces enough energy to run every household in the world many times over, the challenge comes from harnessing and storing that power safely and effectively. 

The amount of energy your solar set-up produces depends on how much sun you get, how large the panels are, and how much power your system can store in a backup like a battery. A professional solar installer can help you find an estimate of how much power your household uses versus what your solar system can provide. 

Where Solar Panels Do Best

Not every house is ready for solar power right off the bat. The best spot for a solar panel is on a south-facing roof that isn’t obstructed by tree cover or shadows from other buildings. 

You should have a solar energy professional evaluate your roof to see if it’s a good option for panels. There may be repairs or updates you need to make to your roof to make it more stable. If the roof isn’t an option, look into other surfaces or a community solar farm. 

If you live somewhere frequently overcast, you may worry that there won’t be enough solar power. However, setting up a solar system that can store excess energy on sunny days for later use can solve this problem. 

Installing Solar Panels

While it’s possible to DIY your solar power, partnering with a professional, such as Blue Raven Solar, will help you get the most power safely and efficiently. A professional company can also help you navigate your state and city ordinances to ensure your green energy system is in line with local building standards and requirements. 

A professional solar installation company can also help you decide whether to rent or buy your solar power system. The start-up costs of solar panels can be high, but renting a system can help offset that financial burden. 

It’s also important to consider maintenance when you’re setting up your panels. You may need to regularly clear dirt, debris, or snow off your roof to get the most out of the system. Partnering with a professional company can help you save on routine maintenance visits. 

The Perfect Solar Panel Is Waiting For You!

Anyone can use solar energy to power their home. There is no shortage of solar energy available, so with the solar panel set-up, you can run your whole household with the power of the sun! For more tips on how to make your home sustainable, functional, and happy, check out the Household section of the blog.

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