Is Kratom Legal In 2022 In Florida?

Is Kratom Legal In 2022 In Florida?

Humankind has come across several medications and treatments that have changed the dynamics of modern healthcare. Medicines are available for every disease and disorder, ranging from an infection like the common cold to severe mental illnesses such as depression. But in this pursuit of achieving medical excellence, we seem to have forgotten the potency of Mother Nature. Despite all the complex advancements taking place, we often ignore its simplicity. 

During earlier times, there was no such technology to treat illness. Humankind’s sole dependence was on herbs. Herbs have proven to treat several infections; disorders effectively and sometimes offer a recreational feeling. One such herb is Kratom.

 Kratom has taken the market by storm. Kratom is an indigenous tree-like plant in Southeast Asia. Many have recognized this herb’s ability to fight several modern-day problems like lethargy, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. Is Kratom legal 2022? Let us find out.

Kratom Legal Status In Florida

In Sarasota County, Kratom is very legal in Florida and could be regulated safely. Sarasota County has exempted its residents from buying and selling, consuming, cultivating, and transporting Kratom. If you are not from Sarasota County, you are safe to use Kratom. Sarasota County has imposed a ban on Kratom and its products. However, Botanical Legal Defence has been fighting for its upliftment. 

The ban was imposed in 2014( till present) by the County Ordinance, with no sign of upliftment. The ordinance referred to Kratom as a psychoactive drug. Kratom is a fantastic herb with astounding qualities but is simultaneously harmful if mixed with toxins. 

Sarasota County is strict about its laws. Offenders could be punishable for up to 60 days of jail or a fine of $500. The County believes that this plant is not lab-tested and could be vicious to the users. Kratom users can safely trade and consume in the remaining parts of Florida. In 2017, legislation ( Bill 183 and Senate Bill 424) banned all kratom activities. However, the proposal died right in the subcommittee and failed to get passed as a law. 

In 2020, there was, yet again, an uprising against Kratom. But the ongoing global pandemic and economic fall have taken the focus off this bill for some time. 

Could Kratom Be Banned In The Future?

The FDA and DEA have attempted plenty of times to ban this herb, failing each time. Kratom customers are uncertain about the legal status of Kratom. Due to past developments in the state, a ban is likely to happen in the future. But as of now, kratom lovers are allowed legally to take part in kratom production, trade, and consumption. If studies discover that Kratom offers benefits, a ban is highly unlikely. Since there is no scientific proof of Kratom being a harmful substance, kratom users are against the ban. 

Is It Legal To Transport Kratom To Sarasota

As mentioned before, Sarasota County is strict about the kratom law. If found in possession of Kratom within Sarasota premises, it could land you in much trouble. Many believe that they could buy from one place and take it to Sarasota. Sarasota laws prohibit the production, trading, and consumption within the County premises. Hence, if you choose to do so, you will be at your own risk. 

Where Is Kratom Found?

Kratom, otherwise known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree-like plant indigenous to Southeast Asian countries. Best quality kratom comes from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. People have used Kratom as a medicinal herb for centuries.

Why Did Kratom Get So Popular?

Even though people used Kratom traditionally as a medicine and a recreational drug, it only found its popularity recently. Reports suggest that kratom consumption in the United States rose rapidly between 2011 and 2017, hitting a record-high of about 15 million people in 2020.

Kratom is a herb with many benefits. Over time, Kratom has proven its efficacy. Kratom’s astounding qualities have only increased the number of its daily consumers. Many have opted for this herb as a natural alternative to prescription drugs.

Kratom is popular among people for these reasons:

  • Pain Management

Kratom is a popular medicinal herb. It is a natural pain reliever. Studies show that 7-hydroxy-mitragynine is one of the naturally occurring analgesics. Kratom, fortunately, offers an abundance of the same.

People who frequently suffer from chronic pain resort to this age-old treatment rather than chemical drugs. In the long run, prescribed opioid medications may help with pain relief, but they can have adverse side effects. Insomnia, slurred speech, and memory loss are all possible symptoms. Fortunately, Kratom treats pain without sedation. It helps patients live a more active and healthy lifestyle by providing an invigorating effect.

  • Induces A Good Sleep

These days, insomnia is a relatively common sleep problem. Insomniacs may have trouble sleeping at night or may not sleep at all. Insomnia can linger for a week or even longer, up to a month or more.

The most well-known insomnia remedy is sleeping pills. It did, however, have side effects, similar to other prescription treatments, which was a big drawback. As a result, insomniacs are turning to natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals. As previously stated, Kratom aids in the release of dopamine by removing dopamine inhibitors. While pharmaceutical medicines focus on sedation, Kratom helps the body and mind relax by releasing dopamine.

  • Creates A Euphoric Effect

Kratom is known to provide euphoric effects in its users. Its capacity to release dopamine is crucial in this aspect. Kratom strains produce a happy or joyous feeling without sedation or other undesired side effects. This characteristic may also aid in the treatment of depression to some extent.

  • Helps Opiate Addicts During Withdrawal

According to a survey, more than 2% of the population suffers from alcohol or drug addiction. Opioid withdrawal may appear simple at first, but it is a monumental job. Taking an extended break from a prescription or substance has its own set of consequences. The body requires time to acclimatize to the shift. A few withdrawal symptoms are sweating, shivering, convulsions, and impatience. Kratom has been found helpful in assisting people with opioid withdrawal symptoms.


As of now, kratom users have to worry about nothing. Kratom is still legal in Florida, which means that cultivation, trade, and consumption are allowed within the State premises. However, Sarasota County has a strict ‘No Kratom’ policy. If found in possession of Kratom in County premises may cause trouble. Kratom lovers must check Kratom’s legal status regularly. A jail time of up to 60 days or a fine of $500 is applicable. 

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