Is a Cobra Derringer 9mm Right for You? What You Need to Know

Have you heard of the Cobra Derringer 9mm and are wondering if it might be right for you? Keep reading and learn more about it here.

Did you know that the average handgun costs $250-$500 today?

However, effective self-protection should never be dictated by price. Whatever your budget, you should be able to defend yourself in any situation. This is where the Cobra Derringer 9mm comes into play.

Cobra Derringer pistols are compact, reliable, and affordable. If you’re looking for a budget concealed carry weapon, the Cobra Derringer is a great option. But before purchasing one, you should take the time to learn if this gun is right for you.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Cobra Derringer 9mm, and why it could be perfect for your collection.

About the Cobra Derringer 9mm

Cobra is one of the most respected and sought-after gun designers in the US right now. By utilizing Davis’ Derringer design, they have created a range of compact defense weapons suitable for concealed carry and home defense.

Cobra Derringers feature a break-action system, coupled with a fixed sight and two-round capacity. With an overall length of 4.65″, a Cobra Firearms Derringer can encompass almost all concealed carry holster systems.

A standard model weighs in at around 14oz, making it one of the lightest pistols on the market. Its straightforward user interface makes it perfect for first-time owners. 

Perhaps most importantly, Cobra Derringer pistols are affordable. Retailing for under $200, they allow almost anyone to equip themselves for self-defense without breaking the bank.

Advantages of the Cobra Derringer

There are many reasons to consider buying a Cobra Derringer 9mm. Here, we will list its advantages as a self-defense/concealed carry weapon.

Smooth Handling

The build of the Cobra Derringer 9mm makes it possible to fire quickly and naturally. In a self-defense situation, being first of the mark can be the difference between life and death.

This gun fires smoothly and mechanically, making it easy to put fire with either one or two hands and put shots on target when it counts.

Compact Stopping-Power

The Cobra Derringer 9mm is one of the most powerful guns for its size. At only 14oz and less than 5″, it delivers a sufficient payload to stop threats in their tracks.

The Cobra Firearms Derringer is a perfect handbag gun, secondary carry, or glovebox weapon. 

Classic Design

Besides its practicalities as a concealed weapon, the Cobra Derringer is a modern reimagining of a classic design.

Available in a range of frame materials and designs, Cobra Derringer pistols look good. Even from a historical standpoint alone, there is a lot of allure in owning this classic design.


Another great benefit of the Cobra Derringer 9mm is its price tag.

With many popular self-defense models costing around $500, why pick a Taurus or Hi-Tec when a Cobra can put you well under the $200 mark?

Self-preservation is a right everyone deserves, and Cobra makes it accessible with this gun.

Drawbacks of the Cobra Derringer

Although there are many advantages, the Cobra isn’t right for everyone. There are also a few cons to consider when deciding whether to buy a Cobra Derringer 9mm:

Low Capacity

The Cobra Derringer only holds two rounds at a time, and each round must be cocked individually to fire.

This means that it is essential to practice with your Derringer frequently to avoid misfires when it counts.

Slower Reload

The break-action system of a Cobra Derringer means that reload times are rather slow.

Reload times are almost negligible in a combat situation when using this gun, as the manual loading method severely restricts speed. 

However, with proper training, two shots should be enough to subdue the threat.

Barrel Limitations

Although it keeps the gun compact, the 2.75″ Derringer barrel features no rifling, negatively affecting velocity over range.

This also means rounds are more liable to tumble and keyholing, reducing target penetration and stopping power at range. This gun is best used in close quarters.


Derringers, in general, are notorious for excessive kickback, especially in higher calibers.

Due to their light weight, they can be hard to control against recoil. However, the Cobra Derringer 9mm does have fewer issues with kickback than most models.

Safety and Reliability

Since it has fewer parts than most handguns, the Cobra Derringer 9mm is a reliable weapon. This is a gun you could take to the beach, drop in salty water, and not be worried about erosion after a good clean.

Cobra’s streamlined design allows for easy stripdowns and maintenance, as well as less scope for problems to occur in the first place. If you’re looking for a reliable, low-maintenance gun, the Cobra Derringer should be on your radar.

In terms of safety, the Cobra Derringer has a hammer-block safety mechanism that allows you to make the gun safe in both half and full cock positions. There have been some reports of negligent discharges with Cobra Derringers; however, this is usually down to human error.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the safety mechanism of any new gun you purchase.

Follow the provided link for a full Cobra 9mm review.

Why Choose a Cobra Derringer 9mm

So that’s the 101 on the Cobra Derringer 9mm. Combining classic design with rugged functionality, Cobra has created a concealable self-defense firearm that packs a punch. Its small size and affordable price tag make it a sure-fire contender for a first-time or secondary firearm.

With the facts in mind, you can make an informed decision as to whether you choose to purchase a Derringer. If you’re looking for reliable defense on a budget, your search may be over.

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