Improve Your Attic With These 8 Smart Suggestions

Improve Your Attic With These 8 Smart Suggestions

Attics are perfect spaces for starting an ambitious project in your beautiful home. Some people are scared of them and some people use them for storing trash. Whatever the case may be, attics represent a wonderful place with a lot of ambition, especially if you plan on selling your home. Homes with attics in top shape gain a lot of value compared to other homes.

And why waste space in your home if you already have the space for something else? You paid for the entire house, thus, you should use the entire house, including the attic. It may take some time to get it in top shape, but this project will bring you a lot of fun and many rewards in the end. With these 8 smart suggestions, you will improve your attic in no time.

  1. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is integral for any living space, especially attics due to moisture. If you are in need of proper attic ventilation, it is better to contact a professional. Attics absorb moisture from the rooms beneath and especially during rain. If this is not treated properly, mold will start growing all over the attic which can be dangerous. Ventilation is also important to ensure fresh air, which is why you need a professional to optimize your ventilation solution.

  1. Cleaning

While doing your initial clean-up, you want to make sure you cleared everything properly. If you plan on doing a new paint job, you want to make sure the walls are free of dust and dirt marks. If you plan on putting in a new window, you need to make sure the spot is safe for construction. You should also make the floor easier to clean by covering it with some new material.

  1. Rodent-proof

Among the problems of attics, there is also the problem of rodent infestation. The reason why rodents go to attics is that it is a perfect climate for them there and they have a lot of space to hide. If there are any sight of holes there but no rodents, they might have left already. 

You want to make sure there is no space for them to crawl under and that they can’t hide. If you already have rodents up there, it is better to call for a professional to get rid of them all. Even if you let one of them stay, they will eventually nest and you will be back at square one.

  1. Insect-proof

Even if there are no rodents, chances of finding bugs up there are 100%, no questions asked. There will either be ants, cockroaches, spiders, or centipedes up there in the attic. Centipedes show up there when it is moist enough and they are not dangerous, but they are pretty disgusting. 

Ants and other small critters are a problem because it can be hard to get rid of them all. A big problem you have to watch out for are mites, especially if you have someone allergic to mites. Again, a professional should get the job done and do so in a non-hazardous manner.

  1. Utility

Once the whole attic is safe and sound, you need to make up your mind about the future utility. It can serve as an extra guest room, party room, or maybe a romantic getaway place. If you plan on making a bathroom up there, you will need to be extra careful about water leakage. You can also create a small gym up there or just a reading lounge, the choice is all yours. The important thing here is to make sure the rest of the house can hold the weight you put up in the attic.

  1. Decoration

Attics are unique due to their angled walls, which some people view as a nuisance. However, it is possible to use these angles to your advantage to achieve a unique aesthetic. This is best achieved with good window placement when you think about both the night and the day. Your attic can serve as a unique space for star gazing and looking at the moon. If you place windows correctly, you align them with the moon to watch it in its course while lighting up the room.

  1. Making a balcony

You can convert a part of your attic into a beautiful balcony, which is easier said than done. The best thing to do in such a situation is to first check with a professional about construction safety. If you just tear up walls to open up space, you might end up with more structural instability.

Some walls and foundations are pretty important for keeping your entire home up and standing. Once you know it is possible to make a balcony, you should choose the positioning carefully. Having a balcony for the sake of a balcony will not give you satisfaction if you have an ugly viewpoint.

  1. Safety

Some of these improvements will require you to get construction permits and follow some safety requirements. Even if some work does not oblige you to get a permit, you should still stick to safety first. Working in dusty and old attics can be dangerous because of the settled dust. You should always work with a mask on and always make sure the floor is stable. You do not want to fall through it because you will end up hurt and in need of fixing another broken floor.

These 8 smart suggestions were chosen on the premise of being useful in a vast array of situations. All attics share many of the same problems that need to be resolved and the common problems with potential solutions are listed. It is not hard to utilize these solutions and you will be happy once you get to spend time in the improved attic.

It is very important to look at life from a perspective of seeking hidden opportunities, not as a list of problems. By looking at the hidden potentials of the things around you, you will begin to see that there is some joy in this world. With so many problems around us, it is important to also look at potentially bright things in life, even if it is just an attic. Just an attic can be transformed into something more beautiful, and so too can many things in this life.

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