How to Wrap a Broken Foot the Right Way

Keep your broken foot secure and supported with these helpful wrapping tips. Learn how to wrap a broken foot the right way to ensure proper healing.

Broken feet aren’t something you want to risk. If you try to favor it or walk on it, it could worsen the bone, increase swelling, and cause more damage.

So if you suddenly have your foot broken, you will want to take care of it immediately. But what if you don’t know how to wrap a broken foot properly? 

We’ve got you. Read on for helpful tips on how to wrap your broken foot bones.

Gather Necessary Supplies

Having a broken foot is painful enough, but wrapping the injury correctly helps reduce the pain and heal the fractured foot. Therefore, it is essential to have all the necessary supplies at hand.

Some supplies needed include gauze, adhesive bandage, bandage wrap, crutches, a pair of scissors, and medical tape. Gauze covers the wound, while adhesive bandage protects and securely holds it in place. A bandage wrap also provides good compression and helps to stabilize the foot.

Lastly, crutches are necessary for those who are unable to walk without assistance.

Wrap the Foot

Following the following five steps is essential to ensure your foot is wrapped correctly. First, use a sterile bandage and create an x-shaped figure over the foot with the bandage.

Next, wrap the ankle and the foot separately with an extra layer around the top of the ankle. The bandages should be snug but not too tight to cause any discomfort.

Third, extend the two wrap-over pieces of the bandage around the toes to the arch of the foot. Fourth, wrap the arch of the foot with the bandage and make sure to overlap each layer.

Finally, create a triangle around the heel with two separate wraps that wrap around the top and bottom of the heel properly.

Following these five steps will ensure that you have properly wrapped your broken foot. It will help speed up the broken foot recovery.

Check the Wrapping Regularly and Make Adjustments

To ensure the bandaging is done correctly, check the wrap regularly and adjust it as necessary. In addition to regularly checking and adjusting the wrap, it is essential to wear a stable boot or sneaker at all times when walking to provide extra support to the area.

Furthermore, it would be best to always sleep with your foot elevated to reduce swelling and pain. And if the pain persists or worsens, take advantage of emergency services and seek immediate medical attention. Learn more about emergency services that can offer more expert advice and prescriptions regarding your situation. 

Exploring How to Wrap a Broken Foot

Knowing how to wrap a broken foot correctly is essential to ensure a proper recovery. Investing the time to wrap a broken foot before going to the doctor is the key to reducing pain and minimizing the risk of further damage.

If you ever have a broken foot, don’t let it worsen. Take the necessary steps and wrap your broken foot immediately.

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