How to Prepare Your Home For a Modern Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen but aren't sure what to expect? This is how you should prepare your home for a modern kitchen remodel.

A kitchen remodel can be an exciting time. Updating old cabinets and counters, upgrading your appliances, or redoing your floors. Or even updating your kitchen layout to give your kitchen more functional space. 

These kinds of modern kitchen remodels can also be stressful. After all, you’re losing access to one of the most used rooms of your home. With a little planning, however, you can reduce a lot of the stress. 

Planning Around Your Modern Kitchen Remodel 

About two weeks prior to your remodel make out your kitchen remodel checklist. This checklist should include:

  • Plans for a temporary kitchen.
  • Meal Plans 
  • Storing dishes and food
  • Packing small appliance 
  • Etc. 

This should help you navigate through your remodel with ease. The more detailed the better. 

Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen

Setting up a temporary kitchen for this type of home remodeling is a must. Is there an area of your home that isn’t used much? For example, a den that isn’t used much, a spare room, or a basement? 

Before deciding on where to put your makeshift kitchen be sure there is adequate room for a shelf or two. You’ll also need to make sure it has adequate outlets for your power needs. 

Planning Meals 

While you could just do takeout through your remodel. That gets expensive and tiring after a while. Try planning out meals that can be made using electric skillets, griddles, toaster ovens, and slow cookers.

You can also prepare meals that can be frozen ahead of your remodel. You can then easily reheat them in the microwave for an easy meal. 

You could also plan for some outdoor cooking as well. Grills can be used, in many ways that an oven can. Not to mention cooking on the grill can be a lot of fun. 

Packing Up Your Kitchen 

Before packing everything up make a list of items that you use every day. You wouldn’t want to pack them up just to have to search for them later. Also, think about the things you’ll need to make the meals you planned out you’ll need them handy. 

After doing this pack away all of your dishes and consider getting paper plates and silverware. You won’t have access to your kitchen sink or dishwater. So the less you have to wash the better. 

Next for dry food items, a tote can keep them together and still give you easy access to them. If you can move your fridge to your temporary kitchen great, but if not consider using a minifridge and a chest freezer for cold storage. 

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