How to Lay Mulch

Would you like to know how to lay mulch? Are you planning to do it yourself? Are you planning to hire an expert? Read on to learn more.

You walk outside to get some fresh air, and you look around your landscape, but something is bothering you. There’s just too much space where there’s a collection of brush and dirt.

When owning property, you’ll want to keep your yard well maintained and nice to look at to keep yourself, your neighbors, and the homeowner’s association happy. One of the best solutions to add pizzazz to your landscape is laying down mulch. 

Mulch looks great around the base of trees or areas where bushes have been dug up. But, there’s more to laying mulch than just dumping a bag where you want it to be. This article gives you a quick guide on how to lay mulch the right way.

1. Pull Out Weeds

Pulling out existing weeds in your soon-to-be-mulched area is important because they can spread quickly and ruin its aesthetic. You’ll need to make sure that you pull the weeds out from the root. If you don’t, the weed will continue to grow, and you won’t get rid of the problem. 

Pulling by the root is the only way to ensure the weeds won’t come back.

2. Create Edges

You’ll also want to create edging when you install mulch. This will help ensure that mulch stays off of your lawn or on the sidewalks. You can use edging stones, landscape timber, or plastic landscape edging. 

3. Remove Existing Mulch

After you pull the weeds, you’ll want to remove any existing mulch within your landscaping space. This will ensure that your mulch is all matching. Although it’s not a necessity, it will keep your mulch looking cleaner.

4. Shovel Small Piles

Shovel small mulch piles onto your lawn flower bed or empty landscaping patch. Using a wheelbarrow will come in handy to increase production. Cover your area with one inch of mulch during the summertime.

If you install mulch in an area where weed growth is typical, add four inches of mulch. When mulching vegetable beds in the wintertime, it’s recommended to lay six inches of mulch.

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5. Rake the Mulch

After successfully laying your mulch, you’ll want to spread it around evenly with a rake. You may notice that some areas may be higher than others even after spreading. Lay down more mulch as needed.

6. Give it Some Water

The last step is to water the mulch. You want to use a garden hose or bucket to do this. This will give the mulch more weight to prevent it from blowing away. 

Be very cautious when watering the mulch. Too much water can create pooling which can soften the ground and ruin the edging.

Knowing How to Lay Mulch is Crucial

Knowing how to lay mulch correctly is crucial to create the best aesthetic landscaping and to control weeds that can get out of control in your yard. We hope that this small guide will help you get your landscaping endeavors back in order.

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