How-to Guide: 8 Steps to Have A Relaxing Bath

How-to Guide: 8 Steps to Have A Relaxing Bath

Sundays are the best days to recover from a busy work week while preparing for a new one coming. When you’re busy, it’s essential to schedule some me-time during the weekends. While getting a massage every weekend at the spa sounds like a perfect idea, it requires commitment. Sometimes, all we need is just a relaxing bath to wash the stress away.

Many people have been wondering how to have a relaxing bath at home. Perhaps you often get into a bath only to find out that it’s too hot and bothered after a few minutes in. From getting the perfect temperature for your bath to how long you should stay in the bathtub, we have the answers to all your questions. Are you ready to have your own spa-quality bath treatment at home? Keep scrolling for the 8 steps to create the perfect bath.

Prep Your Bath

Choose your bath time

Bath time is meant for relaxation, which means no interruptions. Make sure to follow your bathing schedule (if you have one) or choose your time wisely so that you won’t be disturbed or have pressures on your time to be somewhere or do something. Give yourself a minimum of one hour of total freedom, that way, you can enjoy your bath to the fullest!

Set up the space

First, start with keeping your bathroom clean and decluttered. Not only does it help you move freely, but a clutter-free bathroom also makes you feel more relaxed. Remove any clothes or lotions lying on the floor, dim the lights for a spa-like experience. Then, place a rolled-up hand towel at the head of the bath to support your head and neck once you get in. Have your favorite bathrobe and a few fluffy towels ready for when you get out of the bath.

Shower first

You’ll find the bath more enjoyable if you feel clean getting in. So, think of the bath as a pure indulgence, and make sure to wash your hair with shampoo and cleanse your body with shower gel before getting in the bathtub. If you wash your hair in the shower, loosely tie it up into a bun.

Create Your Own Spa

Draw the tub

The next step is to start filling water into the tub. Fill the tub as full as you can, and make sure to leave space to ensure that the water won’t overflow when you step in. You want to fill the tub first fully, then step into it, rather than sit in it while it’s filling.

There isn’t a perfect water temperature for everyone, but there is a perfect bath temperature for you. Normal human body temperatures vary by a couple of degrees, so what’s perfect for one might be too hot for another.

Generally, most people enjoy a bath that is slightly warmer than their body temperature, so a water temperature around 37°C to 40°C can be the best choice for you. Hot baths come with many benefits, but don’t bathe in burning hot water since that may cause your skin to burn and become dehydrated.

Light some candles

Candles are a must-have item for setting the mood during your soak. Prepare your unscented candles and little tealights if you want a little glow, or light some of your favorite scents. If you’re also using essential oils, make sure to go simple to avoid overpowering the aromas.

Choose your pampering

Other than candles, you can add other things to make your bath more enjoyable. Adding some essential oils to your bath is a great choice. Lavender and rose oil are common choices because they add to the relaxing effect.

Choose your oil carefully to make sure it doesn’t irritate the skin. Normally, 5-20 drops of essential oil are perfect for a relaxing bath. Bath salts are also a common option for bath-lovers. Bath salts and epsom salts are said to help with sore muscles, which can be a perfect addition after a long day at work.


Make the Most of Your Bath

Read a book

Bathing is one of the few times when you can escape the digital noise. So, consider this a perfect time to flip through that magazine or hop back to the book that has been sitting on your nightstand for months.

Apply a face mask

While soaking yourself in the bath, you can also incorporate a little skincare to enjoy yourself. Choose your favorite face mask, whether it’s a cooling gel mask, a charcoal clay mask, or a hydrating sheet mask. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes on your face and wash it off with a warm washcloth in the tub. Then, continue with your routine of toners, serums, and moisturizer after the bath.


Yes, spas are amazing. But what better way than having your own spa session inside your bathroom? I believe that all the prep work in this guide will help you have the most relaxing bath time ever. What’s your favorite bath routine? I’d love to know what works best for you!

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