How to Get Clean Dentures

Keeping your dentures clean is an important part of oral health for anyone who wears them. Read here to learn how to get clean dentures, and keep them clean.

Did you know that proper cleaning can keep dentures healthy?

Dentures are very effective in restoring a person’s speech and smile. However, they’re more susceptible to germs and quickly lose their color if not well maintained.

This article takes a look at why regular cleaning is important, the correct technique for clean dentures, and the best tools you should use. Read on and begin maintaining your oral health with these tips.

Use Lemon Juice

Cleaning dentures vs implants is pretty much easy. That is because you can remove dentures. You can simply use lemon juice, fill a glass with water and add fresh lemon juice.

Soak your dentures in the mixture for about 30 minutes. The acidity in the lemon juice will help remove stains and plaque build-up.

Rinse Your Dentures After Eating

Assuming you have removable dentures, it’s important to rinse them after every meal. Not only will this help remove any food particles that are stuck to the dentures, but it will also help prevent any staining.

Simply hold the dentures over a sink and run some water over them. Denture maintenance is very important to avoid any oral health issues.

Brush Your Dentures Daily With Denture Cleaner

It is important to brush your dentures daily with denture cleaner. This will help remove food particles and plaque from your dentures and help prevent gum disease. To brush your dentures, first wet them with water.

Then, apply a pea-sized amount of denture cleaner to your toothbrush and brush your dentures, using circular, back-and-forth, and up-and-down motions. Rinse your dentures well with water and avoid using hot water, which can cause your dentures to warp.

Soak Your Dentures Overnight in Denture Cleaner

If you’re looking for clean dentures, one method you can try is soaking your dentures overnight in denture cleaner. This will help to remove any plaque or bacteria that may be present on your dentures. Be sure to rinse your dentures well in the morning before putting them back in your mouth.

Use Baking Soda

Many household products can be used to clean dentures effectively, but one of the most common and affordable is baking soda. Baking soda is a natural cleanser with abrasive properties that can help to remove stubborn stains and plaque.

To use, simply mix a tablespoon of baking soda with enough water to form a paste. Apply the paste to your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub gently. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry before storing.

Keep a Clean Dentures to Avoid Oral Problems

If you have clean dentures, you’ll be able to smile with confidence. With just a few simple steps, you can keep your dentures clean and looking their best. Brush your dentures daily, using a soft-bristled brush.

Be sure to brush all surfaces of the dentures, including the teeth and gums. Rinse your dentures well after brushing. Soak your dentures overnight in a denture cleaner to help remove plaque and bacteria.

See your dentist regularly to have your dentures checked and cleaned. Follow these steps and your dentures will stay clean and fresh

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