How to Design a Patio: A Basic Guide


Having the opportunity to enjoy the outside space of your property is a real blessing. Having a well-curated exterior area is not just a great way to increase the overall value of your home – it can be a great boon to your own mental health and overall well-being. 

If you’re going to design the perfect backyard, it’s important to learn how to design a patio. Learning about the basics of patio design can ensure you set up this space in a way that makes sense and will bring ultimate enjoyment. 

There are a number of patio ideas to explore that might help inspire you when it comes to your own backyard space. What do you need to know about building a patio? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

Think in ‘Boxes’

Planning the entirety of your outdoor space can be a big job, and it’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed. There’s a good chance that if you try and manage the entirety of the project at once, you’ll let something important slip through the cracks.

That’s why it’s better to break down this big project into smaller bits. Think in boxes – smaller areas of your backyard area with specific purposes. One box might be an area where the kids can play, another box might be an area for social gathering (or secluded relaxation). 

Approach each box one at a time and you’ll end up feeling less stressed out.

Draw an Overhead

Visualizing your new backyard space is important, but many homeowners don’t take on the simple task of drawing out what they want their new patio to look like.

It isn’t hard to do! Simply grab a piece of paper and sketch out what the patio could look like from a God’s eye view. That means from directly above as if you were looking down at your new backyard space from a satellite. 

Sketch in all the details, including where you might put furniture, lighting, and so forth. Sketching out your space like this will give you something concrete to move forward against.

Don’t Forget Shade

One thing many homeowners overlook when planning out their perfect backyard patio? They forget to think about outdoor shade. Your patio can be an enjoyable place, but it can be less enjoyable if you’re sweating it out in direct sunlight most of the day.

When planning, you should consider how patio shades can help to improve the experience of certain areas. You should include in your overhead plan where certain types of shade would be most useful.

How to Design a Patio Space

Maintaining a handsome backyard space is a great addition to your home and your life. However, learning how to design a patio space takes a little time and focus. The above tips and ideas can help you approach this task in the right and proper way.

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