How to Decorate Your Walls to Create an Elegant Interior

How to Decorate Your Walls to Create an Elegant Interior

Elegance is something that many of us strive for with our home décor. We want a house that we are proud of, somewhere we feel comfortable and confident, but also a home we are happy and eager to show off to friends and family. We want our décor choices to take people’s breath away, and long for people to ask us who designed our rooms or chose our accessories. 

But it can seem like hard work. If you have a busy, hectic household, the idea of elegance might seem a million miles away. If you work hard just to keep things clean and tidy and to stop the constant growth of clutter, then you might not think that an elegant interior is something that you can achieve. 

The good news is most of us can. While furniture choices and other elements certainly play a role in creating a more tasteful interior, how you decorate your walls will also play a part. Here are some tips to help you. 

Think Monochrome

Monochrome is incredibly stylish in a cool, understated way. If you enjoy color, keeping the walls and main accessories black or white gives you a great chance to draw focus with pops of color here or there. If you want to fully embrace the monochrome aesthetic, choose chrome, rose gold, or copper fixtures and fittings which will really compliment the style. 

Frame Your Wall Hangings

Posters and prints are the ideal alternatives to expensive original artwork if you are on a budget, and they can look better than canvases, but only if you frame them. Posters on the wall is a very student-like vibe that will never scream elegance. Buy a tasteful frame and suddenly even your favorite old movie or band posters look retro and chic.

Hang Tapestries

If you are looking to add texture, or if you have very large rooms that you’d like to draw in for warmth and coziness, then hanging heavy tapestries is a great idea. These can add a unique touch and give your décor a historic air. Try to shop for antiques for something cool and unique. 

Make Sure Your Curtains Touch the Floor

Curtains that hang a foot or so off the floor look rushed. They look like you didn’t measure properly, bought a ready-made packet, or just couldn’t be bothered. Curtains that touch the floor look like they were hung by someone who really cares about their décor choices. When shopping for new curtains, make sure you measure carefully

Invest in a Stylish Wall Clock

Wall clocks aren’t as common as they used to be now that we have so many other ways to tell the time. But this means they are more elegant and sophisticated than ever. Try to find a clock that suits your taste and décor, but that’s trendy enough that it doesn’t just blend into the background. Shop for one online that will get noticed. 

Add Moulding

Crown moulding is an incredibly easy and affordable way to transform your walls. It’s a little retro, but eye-catching, and a great way to define your walls. 

Change Up Fixtures and Fittings

If you have any fixtures such as light switches, wall-mounted lamps, or floating shelves that are fitted into place, think about changing them for something more unique than the generic options. 

Mix and Match Textures

Adding more textiles to your home makes it warmer and adds depth, which is great. To maximize this, try to mix and match. If you have cotton cushions, consider heavier curtains and a woolen rug. 

If you want to create a more elegant home, first take a look at your walls. They take up a lot of space, are often what people spot first, and can make a huge difference. 

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