How To Choose The Right Treats For Your Dog With Allergies

Does your dog itch all the time, but they don’t have fleas? Is their fur dry and coarse? If so, they may have food allergies.

As many as 10% of dogs suffer from food allergies, which can cause their skin to itch, their tummies to grumble, and can give them a lot of offensive-smelling gas. This can make feeding them each day more challenging, and when it comes to choosing treats for them, it can seem very tough. 

There are some tips to follow to give your dog with allergies treats that won’t upset their tummy, and here, 5 of the top ones will be explored. 


When you are shopping for pet supplies online for your dog, you will have probably come across ‘all-natural’ dog treats. This includes items such as pig ears, rabbit ears, chicken feet, and even cow ears! These treats may smell awful and be greasy, but they are parts of animals that have been butchered and are, therefore, all-natural. They won’t have any unknown chemical names added, making them a great treat for your hyper-sensitive pup. It also means you will avoid synthetic colors, which can cause havoc with digestion. 


You may have heard of hypoallergenic dog food, and in a similar vein, there are also hypoallergenic dog treats. These treats are designed to create less of an allergic reaction when consumed, as the creation process cuts out allergens such as soy, nuts, and fillers like grain. Make sure they are tasty, though, or your dog may not be happy to eat them!

Look For Single-Protein Foods

It is also important to rule out which proteins and ingredients may be making your dog unwell. One way to do this with treats is to opt for single-protein options, such as all-chicken treats, all-beef treats, and so on. It may even be worth looking into novel protein options that haven’t had the chance to become an allergy in your dog’s system, such as kangaroo, ostrich rabbit, and venison. 


You may have noticed that a lot of hypoallergenic dog treats are also labeled grain-free. There is a reason: grain is a common filler in dog food, and a lot of dogs have an allergy to it. Grain-free options remove all wheat, rye, and rice flour from the baking process of the treats, and opt for substitutes that are allergy-free, such as chickpea flour, coconut flour, and even buckwheat flour. This will help to give your dog a tasty snack without causing a sore tummy!

High-Protein Snacks

Many people presume that adding treats that are loaded with fruit and vegetables to their dog’s diet is a good thing, and for dogs that don’t have sensitive tummies, it can help with digestion and weight. However, if your dog has allergies, you may want to give the blueberries and sweet potatoes a miss, as they contain sugar, which can cause an allergic reaction in dogs. Sugar allows yeast to breed, which is a fungus that can be found on the skin, leading to that awful itch that your pup can’t shift. So, choose high-protein treats instead. 

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