How Do I Choose the Best Cleaning Company in My Local Area?

Did you know that not all residential cleaners are created equal these days? Here's how simple it is to choose the best cleaning company in your local area.

It’s not easy to keep a home clean. You have different surfaces and materials to consider, which means you need several cleaning products and equipment to do the job right. That’s not easy for some people.

That’s why so many people rely on cleaning services to handle the job. When the average person spends close to 13,000 hours during their lifetime cleaning, it makes sense to spend that time on more enjoyable tasks.

However, it’s easier said than done to find the best cleaning company in your area. Read the guide below to find a reliable housekeeper near you.

Find an Insured Company

The chances of an accident happening during cleaning aren’t high, but it still occurs. People can slip and fall, or you may end up with property damaged. The question is, who takes responsibility for the damages caused by an accident?

That responsibility should fall on your cleaning company. Home service businesses need to purchase insurance to protect their company, employees, and customers, and in many locations, they’re required by law to do so.

Ask for insurance verification before you work with a company. They should be able to provide documentation that proves coverage for any accident. If someone can’t offer insurance documents to you, start looking for another provider.

Get a Property Walkthrough

It’s not easy to provide an accurate quote when you don’t know what cleaning will entail. You can make general estimates, but you risk being widely off the mark if you encounter something unexpected.

That’s why you shouldn’t rely on general quotes from cleaning companies. If someone promises you a specific service without walking through your property, that’s a red flag you should avoid.

A reputable cleaning service will do a walkthrough before providing you with a quote. You can use this time to explain your needs, which means your provider will have all the information they need to offer an accurate quote.

Look for the Right Services

While much cleaning remains the same across households, that doesn’t mean there aren’t special circumstances. Depending on what you need to be cleaned, you may need someone with specialized experience to handle the job.

One time this occurs is if you have unique material in your home. Your cleaning agency will need to know what products to use to clean everything in your home.

Things can also change if you’re doing something unique like an AirBnB. In this case, a company like this AirBnB cleaning service can provide the expertise you need for the job.

Examine the Product Quality

Not every cleaning product uses healthy chemicals. Some products use harsh ingredients that aren’t good for people. While they may be good at cleaning homes, they aren’t great to get exposed to.

If this is your concern, you need to ask professional cleaners what products they use for cleaning. There are plenty of products that use natural chemicals that are safe for people.

Of course, some companies may not want to speak about the products they use. If you run into one of these companies, move on to your next option.

Ask About Pricing Options

You have a few options available when it comes to cleaning pricing. If you only have a one-off job, hiring someone by the hour is a great option. You may save money if you don’t need someone on your property for that long.

However, other cleaning companies offer a flat-rate quote and monthly contracts. This is an excellent option if you want regular cleaning services and want to keep working with the same company.

Try to get as many quotes as possible for every pricing option available. You can figure out who offers the best deal and potentially save money on your cleaning service when you do.

Check for Employees or Contractors

Not every cleaning company works the same way. Some companies go the traditional route and hire employees to handle cleanings. Others don’t hire people in-house and rely on contractors to handle the job.

While working with contractors isn’t necessarily bad, you have to consider the company’s hiring approach in this situation. Does your cleaning company do enough due diligence to work with reputable contractors?

That isn’t as much of a concern when a company sends employees to your home. They’ll do background checks and other searches during the hiring process. Whether your cleaning company uses employees or contractors, make sure they send trustworthy cleaners to your property.

Look for Positive Reviews

One critical step to finding residential cleaners is to learn more about what other customers have to say. While you can learn a lot by speaking to a company directly, you won’t learn everything. People trying to sell you a service won’t detail their cleaning service shortcomings.

You can learn the negative aspects of working with a cleaning business by looking at online reviews. Websites make it easy for everyone with an internet connection to review the companies they work with. A quick search will give you plenty of information.

Of course, a bad review here and there shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. However, too many bad reviews point to a problem and is a sign that you should look for another cleaning company.

Now You’re Ready to Find the Best Cleaning Company

Cleaning may seem simple at a glance, but it takes knowledge to do things right. Unfortunately, not every company in the cleaning industry has the tools or experience to handle the job. Use the guide above to ensure you find the best cleaning company in your local area.

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