House Hunters 101: How to Sell Your House Fast

How to find the right house hunters or home buyers for your fixer upper, house that needs repairs, or family home, we can show you how to get your house sold.

If you’re hoping for a speedy home sale, you may be out of luck. The average American home spends a whopping 56 days sitting on the market—and that’s without considering all the properties that sit there for much longer! Depending on the asking price, property condition, and location, you could be looking at several months of waiting.

Fortunately, if you make a few simple tweaks to your selling strategies, it’s not hard to get an unwanted property off your hands in no time. Read on for a quick lesson on attracting house hunters to your home fast.

Consider Non-Traditional Options

If you’re prioritizing speed above all else, the traditional selling process isn’t the way to go. Instead, non-traditional selling options can help you get rid of your unwanted property in a few short days.

The best option for most homeowners is often selling your property as is. This involves working with a cash buyer to get a quote—which often happens in just 24-48 hours—and to transfer your property. The great thing about this option is that cash home buyers don’t care if your home is a serious fixer-upper that needs repairs: they’ll buy your home fast regardless of the condition.

Other alternatives include doing a short sale to your lender or transferring your mortgage. The latter isn’t a “sale,” exactly, but if you need to get rid of your property fast, it’s a viable option.

Lower Your Asking Price

If you’re set on using the traditional home sale process to sell your home, lowering your asking price is by far the best way to attract interested buyers fast. Reducing your price to remain competitive in your local market, even if it’s just by a few thousand dollars, can incentivize more people to check out your property. Everyone loves a good bargain!

Invest in Curb Appeal and Upgrades

On top of lowering your asking price, it’s important to remember that the majority of buyers aren’t looking for a crumbling fixer-upper: they want something more move-in ready. This means that if your home is in need of repairs or a facelift, investing in those issues can help you attract more interested parties.

Of course, these kinds of things can take time on the front end, but hiring experienced contractors to tackle them fast can save you from a long period of time with your home waiting on the market. Don’t forget to check for the best upgrades to maximize your ROI, like painting or replacing the front door.

Market Your Property to Attract House Hunters

It’s hard to attract buyers if no one knows your home is up for sale. If you’re prioritizing a speedy sale over your finances, investing in marketing efforts can go a long way.

If you’ve partnered with a real estate agent, they should have the experience to help you find the tactics you’ll need. If not, you’ll need to be prepared to do it yourself.

Prepare to Tweak Your Selling Strategies

At the end of the day, tweaking your selling strategies is the only way to get an unwanted property off your home fast. Finding motivated house hunters isn’t hard, whether you opt for a cash buyer or market your home to locals—but it will require you to think through your goals and needs. Consider the condition of your property and your selling timeline to decide which option is right for you!

If you enjoyed this guide and want more real estate tips, be sure to check out our other posts for insights on making the most of your home.

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